Monday, May 20, 2013


New video explores Jewish right to the Temple Mount Featuring historian Sir Martin Gilbert, the short film is a reaction to modern Muslim attempts to minimize the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

'J'lem shouldn't be capital of Palestinian state' Lapid to NYT: I won't obstruct settlements' "natural expansion"; J'lem should stay in Israeli hands, according to 1967 lines.

Syria training advanced missiles on Tel Aviv - report Damascus has put Tishreen rockets on standby to retaliate if Israeli planes hit again, Sunday Times claims.

Despite secrecy, interest builds around mysterious First Temple find outside Bethlehem A 2,800-year-old pillar discovered by a tour guide under a Palestinian orchard points to major construction dating from Biblical times. So why isn't it being excavated?

Anonymous 'gold bugs' to hack oil, national sites The international group wants to replace dollars with precious metals, and will be attacking a dozen countries, including Israel, to make its point.

Intertwined fates: The Lebanon-Syria-Iran axis Jerusalem has drawn red lines over the proliferation of strategic arms to Hezbollah; Syria, Iran or Hezbollah could, at any time, decide to test these, even though it would endanger Assad's gains against the rebels.

Iran dispatches warship to shadow Gulf exercises Iran has dispatched one of its newest warships to shadow the world's biggest mine-hunting exercise that has been taking place over the last few days in the Gulf.

Big Bang: Biggest meteorite explosion rocks the moon NASA scientists have recorded the biggest observed meteorite impact on the moon, with an explosion equal to 5 tons of TNT. The event is part of 'lunar meteor showers' observed by astronauts of the moon exploration program.

Al-Qaeda's Syrian wing takes over the oilfields once belonging to Assad Al-Qaeda's Syrian wing is helping to finance its activities by selling the product of oilfields that once helped to prop up the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Army denies it prefers 'devil' Assad to 'demon' rebels London Times report that Israel wants Syria dictator to remain in power is 'unfounded,' IDF spokesman says.