Saturday, September 19, 2020


 As the World watches, Netanyahu recites Psalms from atop the White House During Tuesday’s historic Abraham accords, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the world’s top officials on the white house lawn and to all those throughout the world witnessing the monumental occasion.

The Significance of the Israel-UAE Deal Later today, leaders from Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will sign an agreement to pursue normalized relations. The Bahraini foreign minister agreed in recent days to sign a similar agreement at the same event, but the Israel-UAE agreement appears much more robust and consequential.

Leon Panetta: This is what courage looks like in the Middle East David Ben-Gurion, the founder and first Prime Minister of Israel, had a particular definition of courage. 

Trump: Five or Six More Countries Ready for Peace with Israel At least five or six countries are ready to make peace with Israel, President Donald Trump said at a press briefing alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of the signing of the historic normalization between the Jewish state, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Decrying normalization, Palestinians warn of Third Intifada Abbas, Haniyeh agree to work toward foiling "conspiracies".

Israel normalisation may partition Al-Aqsa: Analysts A clause in the UAE-Bahrain accords with Israel leaves 'door wide open' to Jewish prayer at holy site, analysts say.

Is It Time to 'Normalize' the Temple Mount? ... [S]ince Israel retook the Temple Mount in 1967, it has not allowed Jewish worship on its holiest site.

On anniversary of Oslo Accords, Fatah praises "Intifada," calls for "resistance" On anniversary of signing of Oslo Accords, Palestinian Authority calls for violent 'resistance' against Israel.

Raymond J. de Souza: The EU needs to admit that Trump has it right on Mideast peace The U.S. president has brought a different set of lenses to the Arab-Israeli question.

EU foreign affairs chief: Europe faces threat from three ‘re-emerging empires’ Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, Josep Borrell said the three resurgent “empires” were Russia, China and Turkey.

Russia’s Quest To Make Itself Indispensable in the Middle East Russia could become supreme arbiter in Lebanon as it effectively has in Syria and Libya.

The Evangelicals Who Are Taking on QAnon Last month, Seth Brown, the executive editor of the Biblical Recorder, a Southern Baptist newspaper in Cary, N.C., delivered a stark warning to Christians. 

All of Israel to behave like High Priests in Temple Thanks to new lockdown measure This year, the Jewish High Holidays will be observed in an entirely unprecedented manner.