Monday, July 23, 2012


Barak: World's intelligence community is on the alert for terror attacks at Olympics The world's intelligence community is on the alert for terror attacks at the London Olympics, and Israel knows only too well that it can be targeted at such events, Defense Ministry Ehud Barak said on Sunday morning.

IDF Trains for 'Arab Spring' in Judea and Samaria A large-scale IDF exercise in Judea and Samaria, the first in three years, is preparing soldiers in the Menashe Brigade for a possible "Arab Spring" rebellion. The brigade is based near Jenin, located in central Samaria between the Mediterranean Coast and the Jordan River.

Syria 'will not use' chemical weapons on its own people Syria has said it will not use chemical weapons against its own people, but would do so against an external attack.

Nasa's 'untried' technology to land Curiosity on Mars On 6 August, the largest rover ever sent to Mars should touchdown on the planet's surface. For the landing, the mission uses a complex - and untried - "sky crane". Our space columnist finds out how it's going to work. (Video of landing courtesy of Nasa).

Iraq attacks in Baghdad and north 'kill 107' A wave of bomb attacks and shootings in Baghdad and north of the capital has killed at least 107 people, say security and medical officials.

Syria Warns It May Use Chemical Weapons on 'Foreign' Forces Syria has admitted it has chemical weapons and in what might have been a veiled threat against Israel, said it will use them if attacked.

Syrian civil war boosts Israeli-US defense ties Officials deny reports that Israel under pressure from DC to refrain from taking unilateral steps against Assad's chemical weapons.

Israel Files Complaint Over Golan Incursion An incursion into the Golan Heights by some 500 Syrian soldiers last week has led Israel to lodge a complaint with the United Nations.

Iran downplays threat to close Hormuz Strait Military commander says Iran won't close Strait of Hormuz as long as it can use the shipping line itself, IRNA reports.

IOC holds surprise Munich massacre memorial After IOC president rules out minute of silence at opening ceremony, c'tee holds first-ever memorial in Olympic village.