Friday, November 08, 2013


Iranian TV airs animated strike on Tel Aviv, Dimona Iranian state television aired a computer-animated video that showed an imagined Iranian missile strike on Israeli cities.

John Kerry says no Iran nuclear deal yet US Secretary of State John Kerry has stressed that no agreement has yet been reached on Iran's nuclear program.

Frustrated Kerry's peace critique a heavy slap in Netanyahu's face On Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his old friend John Kerry in Jerusalem that he was concerned about the peace process.

US carrier crosses Suez Canal into Red Sea An official at Egypt's Suez Canal says a US aircraft carrier and a destroyer have crossed the waterway from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.

Hamas Official: We'll Expel or Kill All the Zionists A senior Hamas official declared on Thursday that his group intends to stick to its mission - "liberating" all of "Palestine" (meaning all of Israel).

Palestinian officials: Israel only suspect in Arafat death The Palestinian committee investigating the death of Yasser Arafat in 2004 has said Israel is the "only suspect".

Iran, EU and US voice optimism on nuclear deal Iran's top diplomats have said they will begin drafting a written agreement on its nuclear programm.

'National governments declining in importance' As more key powers are transferred to Brussels, it poses an existential question for central governments.

29% of European Jews considered emigrating due to anti-Semitism Nearly a third of respondents to a survey on anti-Semitism in Europe said they "seriously considered emigrating" because of perceived anti-Semitism.

The Threat of Israel's 'Women of the Wall' I have written before about the Women of The Wall (WotW).