Wednesday, September 26, 2018


IN Media: U.S. Ambassador Friedman Joins Western Wall Priestly Blessing "I want to wish all those who observe the festival of Sukkot a chag sameach," Friedman said.

Trump Praised by Middle East Nations for Iran 'Maximum Pressure' After UN Mockery Although President Trump was laughed at by world leaders during his speech before the United Nations on Tuesday, his Iran hardline found a supportive audience with representatives for countries throughout the Middle East.

Trump: 'We're with Israel 100%' 'Israel has no choice but to be aggressive,' Trump says regarding Syria, and expresses support for two-state solution.

King Abdullah: We Will Protect Jerusalem's Muslim, Christian Character Abdullah said that the best way forward was a two-state solution on the 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital and a secure Israel.

Trump to Netanyahu: 'I like' two-state solution, want peace in 'my first term' At UN meet, US president insists Palestinians will 'absolutely' return to negotiating table, peace plan to be presented in 2-4 months.

Russia's first Krasukha-4 electronic warfare unit lands in Syria. It can jam spy satellites, enemy radar DEBKA Exclusive: The Russian Krasukha-4 mobile electronic warfare system, which can neutralize spy satellites and ground-and airborne radars and damage enemy EW, landed in Syria on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Former Envoy: Israel-Russia Crisis Artificial, Driven by Anti-Semitism The crisis between Israel and Russia resulting from a Russian military aircraft being shot down over Syria last week is "calculated and artificial, unrelated to reality or the facts, because the Russians want payment," former Israeli Ambassador to Russia Zvi Magen said in an interview.

ANALYSIS: Why Russia is Lying About Israel's Role in Downing of its Spy Plane On Tuesday, a cartoon in Israel's leading newspaper Yediot Acharonot showed Syria's President Bashar al-Assad standing next to a Russian officer as Russia's President Vladimir Putin drives a giant truck with the S-300 anti-aircraft missile shield towards the ruthless Syrian dictator.

It's a Very Awkward Time to Be a British Lawmaker in Europe "People would ask me, 'What exactly does the U.K. want?' And frankly, for two years I haven't been able to give them an answer."

The Palestinians' Three No's: What They Mean When Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad talk about "paying a political price," they are referring to demands that the Palestinian terrorist groups lay down their weapons, halt terrorist attacks on Israel, and abandon their dream of eliminating Israel.