Saturday, July 27, 2013


* Egypt crisis: 'Scores killed' at Cairo protest More than 100 people have been killed and 1,500 injured at a protest held by supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in Cairo, doctors say.

* Egyptian military launches operation 'Desert Storm' to root out Sinai terrorists Operation comes after 20 police, soldiers killed in Sinai this month.

* Poll: Israelis Oppose Releasing Terrorists Almost 85% of Israelis oppose the release of terrorists in order to restart peace talks, finds new poll.

* Egypt’s burning, but don’t call it a civil war — yet The army is playing hardball with the Muslim Brotherhood, but as the body count rises, public support for the generals is eroding

* Rio World Youth Day: Pope re-enacts Way of the Cross Pope Francis has joined crowds of Roman Catholic pilgrims in Rio de Janeiro for a re-enactment of Jesus carrying the cross to his crucifixion.

* Libya protesters attack Muslim Brotherhood offices Protesters in Libya have attacked offices linked to the Muslim Brotherhood following the assassination of a prominent political activist.

* Exile Iranian's launch satirical program Spitting Image remake hits Iran to major popular success, despite slamming president, public executions. Watch season finale 'Mahmoud's going away party' or jab at public execution

* North Korea's War Anniversary Spectacle The nation goes into propaganda overdrive as it holds a huge celebration involving 150,000 people to mark the end of the war.

* Obama hosts Ramadan dinner at White House President says Americans and people in the Middle East share goals of economic opportunity and entrepreneurship

* ‘Israel agrees to release 24 Israeli-Arab pre-Oslo prisoners’ If true, Israel Radio report means all ‘serious’ longterm security inmates, including major terrorists, will go free as new talks move forward