Thursday, July 21, 2016


Europe waking up, now turning to Israeli technology for ways to stop lone-wolf jihadis  Last week's truck rampage in France and Monday's axe attack aboard a train in Germany finally have raised enough concerns in Europe about jihadist lone wolf attacks that now counter-terrorism intelligence specialists are looking to Israel to learn about technologies that might preempt such attacks. 

Iran left with no choice but to confront the US, official warns  "Injurious measures against the nuclear agreement have reached such a point that there is no way left for Iran but to counteract," Ali Larijani says. 

Assad accuses Erdogan of exploiting coup  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accused Turkish President Erdogan: He used the coup d'etat to implement his own agenda. 

Israel takes on Facebook in battle against incitement  Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan is promoting new legislation that would order Facebook to remove posts Israel found as inciting to violence. 

Watch: Hamas trains child soldiers in ISIS-like camps  Gazan summer camp, held at Hamas training bases, provide indoctrination, military training to Palestinian teenagers. 

Turkey coup attempt: State of emergency announced  Turkey's president has declared a state of emergency for three months following Friday night's failed army coup. 

Why the U.S. Should Move Nukes Out of Turkey  A week ago, the question of whether the U.S. should continue to station nuclear missiles in Turkey was of interest only to a passel of national-security geeks and nonproliferation advocates. 

Jihadists call to attack Israeli Olympic team  Report: Al-Qaida-influenced terrorists take to social media, calling for "knife attack against Americans/Israelis" ahead of the Rio games. 

Egypt's Sisi wants to 'break deadlock' in peace process  Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi says his country is serious in its efforts to restart Israel-PA peace talks. 

25,000 attend Jerusalem pride parade under heavy security  30 arrested on suspicion of trying to disrupt event, 2 of them in possession of knives; much of downtown closed off.