Tuesday, June 16, 2020


STRATEGY OF NATIONAL DIVISION by Bob Maginnis America is suffering an epidemic of division which threatens to radically alter this country. The source of that division is more than meets the eye and so is the solution.

Far-Right Antisemitism ‘Urgent Terror Threat,’ Report Finds Far-right antisemitism is an “an urgent and ongoing terror threat to Jewish communities,” a top Jewish group in the UK has found.

EU urges US to join new Mideast peace effort European Union foreign ministers on Monday urged the United States to join a new effort to breathe life into long-stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, but they rejected President Donald Trump’s Middle East plan as the basis for any international process.

Report: Trump peace plan could leave Jewish heritage sites under Palestinian control New report claims Trump Middle East peace plan would place heritage sites across Judea and Samaria in a Palestinian state.

Hamas calls for ‘resistance’ against Israel’s West Bank annexation plans A senior Hamas official called for the proposed annexation to be met with resistance among Palestinian groups.

Trump Must Hold Hamas' Terror Proxies Accountable By employing HAA as a proxy, Hamas can carry out terrorist attacks while maintaining plausible deniability.

Carrie Severino: SCOTUS LGBT Decision Will ‘Create a Tsunami of New Litigation’ Against Religious Groups The Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) reinterpretation of a federal prohibition against employment discrimination based on sex — which now includes sexual orientation and “gender identity” — will “create a tsunami of new litigation” against religious organizations, explained Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network.

U.N. rights experts condemn Israel's annexation plan and U.S. support U.N. human rights experts said on Tuesday that Israel’s plan to annex significant parts of the occupied West Bank would violate international law banning the taking of territory by force, and urged other countries to actively oppose it.

Three Indian Soldiers Killed in Border Clash with China Three Indian soldiers were killed during a clash on the border with China, the Indian army stated on Tuesday. The deaths came on the heels of weeks of increased tensions between the two nations.

Turning tide in Libya's war leaves foreign powers scrambling With renegade Gen. Khalifa Haftar's fighters retreating from Libya’s capital and militias supporting the UN-backed government on the offensive, the foreign countries powering Libya’s civil war are scrambling to adjust to a new reality.

The Four Horsemen Of America’s Apocalypse It takes a lot to build a civilization, and though it is much easier to destroy a civilization, it takes a lot to do that, too.