Tuesday, September 29, 2015


* Netanyahu: Palestinians using Temple Mount to incite against Israel - While departing for UN General Assembly, PM says: “Israel wants to be at peace with the Palestinians but to our sorrow they continue to spread crude lies about our policy on the Temple Mount."

* Syria conflict: Russia considers joining anti-IS air strikes - Russia is considering whether to follow the US and its allies in conducting air strikes against Islamic State (IS) targets, President Vladimir Putin says.

* At UN, Jordan's King Abdullah Threatens Israel over Temple Mount - Speaking at UN General Assembly, Jordan's King Abdullah 'rejects any threat to the Arab character' of Jerusalem.

* US and Israel seek 'deconflict mechanisms' with Russia, accepting its new Syria role - Moscow's formal entry into Syria — with the construction of new military bases stocked with heavy weaponry and aircraft — has forced the US and neighboring Israel to readjust.

* Violence over Temple Mount Spills into Ramallah - Arab mob attacks IDF soldiers near Ramallah while protesting against Israeli forces on Temple Mount.

* Poll shows Egyptians view Israel as most hostile state - The report comes in the wake of reports of an increasingly positive relationship between Israel and Egypt due to security coordination.

* Top NATO general: Russia building anti-access bubble over Syria - An Israeli-Russian military working group is designed to coordinate Syria-related activities.

* Hamas: All of Israel is Ours - Ismail Haniyeh threatens entire Jewish state with 'punishment' for 'taking Palestinian land,' hours before Temple Mount riot.

* "Israel concerned with build-up of Iranian forces in Syria near Golan border" - Likud Minister Steinitz says Israel will make it clear to US, Russia and other world powers that Iranian forces must not be allowed to mass on Israel's border.

Saudi princes said planning regime change - Senior member of Saudi royal family urges coup against King Salman.