Friday, June 07, 2019


Temple Mount Sifting Project reboots, aims to salvage ancient temple artifacts At Jerusalem Day event, minister vows funds for project in which 500,000 artifacts from all eras of J'lem settlement have already been found in dirt illegally dumped by Muslim Waqf.

Religious Affairs: How close are we to a 'Jewish Republic' of Israel? A look into the heavy political clout of the haredi parties that could eventually impact the nation's tenuous religious-secular balance.

Netanyahu rebukes MK who said Israel should be governed by Jewish law Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday publicly rebuked an MK and potential government minister who called for Israel to be governed by Jewish law, the Hebrew news site Mako reported.

Oh, When the LGBTs Go Marching In As the annual Jerusalem Gay Parade grows in size, so, too, does opposition from conservative residents of the Holy City.

Shavuot: A surprising friendship On Shavuot, we hold on to the Torah with love and friendship, while expressing complete faith in its words that bring joy to our hearts.

Iranian threat on U.S. forces 'imminent,' Middle East commander says "I think we're still in the period of what I would call tactical warning," the general added. "The threat is very real."

Ex-IAEA Deputy General Warns Iran Could Have Nuclear Bomb in Six Months Iran could have a nuclear bomb in six to eight months, the former deputy head of the UN's nuclear watchdog has warned.

Religion vs. state may become central issue in Israeli election campaign The conflict over the draft law is just one of several deep disagreements over the role of religion in Israeli society.

Syria's New Assad Statues Send a Sinister Message: 'We Are Back' The rebuilding of monuments honoring Bashar al-Assad's family taunts the opposition he brutally crushed.

Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast: Bringing the Power of Prayer into Politics This week, Christian leaders from around the world met with Israeli officials in the Knesset to pray for Israel at the third annual Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast.