Monday, March 16, 2015


Temple Mount Preacher Urges ISIS to 'Trample' US, Destroy Israel Temple Mount preacher says Caliphate will 'free Al-Aqsa' from Israeli 'defilers'; predicts fall of America, Iran for collaborating.

Netanyahu: No Palestinian state on my watch PM pledges thousands of apartments in East Jerusalem, says construction will curb Bethlehem’s encroachment on capital.

Politicians Rally for Votes With Elections Hours Away One day before elections, Netanyahu warns Right they must choose Likud to ensure victory, while Herzog stresses importance of change.

In private, Abbas, Palestinian officials reportedly voice hope that Netanyahu will lose Many Palestinians do not believe that Isaac Herzog or Tzipi Livni would be much different once they form a new government.

Russia starts nationwide show of force More than 45,000 Russian troops as well as war planes and submarines started military exercises across much of the country on Monday.

Vladimir Putin: Russian leader dismisses 'gossip' over absence Russian President Vladimir Putin has laughed off speculation about his health after making his first appearance in public since 5 March.

Tony Blair's Middle East role could be 'reconfigured' Tony Blair could get a new role in the Middle East amid reports that he is preparing to step back from his job as a peace envoy in the region.

ISIS fighters dress as women in desperate attempt to flee battlefield‏ Underneath the robes and veils, the men put on makeup, wore dresses and some even wore women's bras; Others put on makeup but chose not to shave their facial hair.

EU Names New Middle East Special Envoy Italian Fernando Gentilini named as EU's new special representative to Middle East, charged with getting peace process 'back on track.'

ISIS defaces churches in Iraq as assaults on Christian communities continue Islamic fundamentalist movement is shown removing crosses, destroying statues and vandalizing icons.