Thursday, August 27, 2015


Is ISIS here to stay in the Middle East? - Differences abound on whether the group that has already outlived many expectations will become a permanent fixture.

First Translation of Khameini’s New Book on the Destruction of America, Israel - The first significant translation of the newly-released book, ‘Palestine’ by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khameini.

Deal to Sell Russian S-300 Missiles to Iran Off - The sale of Russian S-300 missiles to Iran may not take place, after all.

900 US rabbis sign petition opposing Iran deal - Hundreds of US rabbis from the major streams of Judaism signed on to a petition urging Congress to oppose the Iran nuclear deal.

* Putin: Russia Planning to Build Nuclear Plant in Egypt - Russian President says his country will build a nuclear power plant in Egypt, announces greater economic cooperation with Cairo.

* The politics behind China's stock market turbulence - One of the most extraordinary things about the world's number two economy is that when it faces a crisis, the leadership carries on in public as if nothing has happened.

The rocky road of integration of Ethiopian Jews - The life of the majority of the Ethiopian Jews is characterized by social and economic challenges.

* Europe's NGO Jihad Against Israel - There is a European "jihad" against Israel.

Hamas reveals 'commando tunnel unit' in new propaganda clip - The video, which was released prior to the latest rocket fire at Israel and the subsequent IDF reprisals, shows Hamas terrorists simulating their activities as if they were fighting Israeli soldiers.

US Orthodox more similar to evangelicals than to other Jews, study finds - Community tracks with Christians on questions of religiosity, conservative political beliefs, according to Pew analysis of landmark 2013 survey.