Friday, March 21, 2014


Behind the Lines: Israel-Syria border escalation This week's events on the Israel-Syrian border are testimony to the extent to which the effective disintegration of the Syrian state is producing a new security reality in the North.

President Putin mocks US sanctions, vows not to retaliate Vladimir Putin has mocked US sanctions imposed on Russia.

US 'Preparing For Military Exercise In Poland' The US is preparing military exercises in Poland that could involve Baltic states and eastern European countries.

Ukraine: Putin signs Crimea annexation The European Union's latest measures target 12 people involved in Russia's annexation of the peninsula.

Chorus of Israeli voices renews calls for Iran strike A rising chorus of Israeli voices is again raising the possibility of carrying out a military strike on Iran‚Äôs nuclear facilities.

Iran's Khamenei 'uncertain' if Holocaust occurred Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei marked the event by questioning the Holocaust and vowing to overcome US-led sanctions.

Syria will join in next Israeli battle with Hezbollah, top officer says A senior IDF officer said Thursday that Syria will likely enter the fray if Israel is forced to wage war with Hezbollah in the near future.

Israeli official suggests Palestinians celebrating failure of peace talks Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas returned from Washington on Thursday to a hero's welcome in Ramallah.

Police to Restrict Arab Entry to Temple Mount The chief of the Jerusalem District of the police, Yossi Pariente, decided on Thursday evening that the entry of Muslims to the Temple Mount compound will be restricted.

Putin's quiet Latin America play Away from the conflict in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin is quietly seeking a foothold in Latin America.