Friday, April 08, 2016


Israel tells its nationals in Turkey: Get out now  Counter-Terrorism Bureau cites 'real and immediate' threat of terror attacks, following Istanbul bombing, Turkish intel on IS plots targeting Jews. 

Nato and Russia to discuss Ukraine  Nato and Russia are to meet to discuss the Ukraine crisis, which has severely strained relations since Moscow's annexation of Crimea in 2014. 

Foreign Affairs: What after ISIS?  Foreign-led diplomacy in the face of Syria's renewed fighting will be futile until Arab powers produce a deal for Sunnis on both sides of the Euphrates. 

For many, Israel is a geopolitical tourist destination  Some travelers to the Jewish state enjoy more than just the scenery - they are making a statement to the world and to history. 

Exclusive: IDF Uncovers Source of Palestinian Terror Rampage  An internal investigation released by the IDF this week has uncovered the source of the ongoing, daily wave of Palestinian rampage in streets across Israel.

NGO Monitor: UN agency regularly manipulates data to make Israel look bad  'OCHA rarely, if ever, cites relevant Israeli government information, including detailed statistics published by COGAT, the Israel Defense Forces, or the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.' 

Coalition crisis averted: 9000 Ethiopian immigrants to be brought to Israel over 5 years  2 MKs have been absenting themselves from votes in the Knesset plenum for two months, protesting the lack of implementation of a cabinet decision about the immigrants. 

Saudi Arabia and Egypt announce Red Sea bridge  Saudi Arabia's king has announced that a bridge linking the country to Egypt will be built over the Red Sea. 

Catholic Church: Pope Francis urges greater family understanding  Pope Francis has published new guidelines on family life that argue the Church should show more understanding of modern realities. 

Hamas's New Way of Poisoning the Minds of Palestinian Children  Hamas has spent years poisoning the hearts and minds of Palestinian children. The Islamist movement is now trying a new brainwashing tactic: exorcism.