Friday, August 23, 2019


Israel Suffering Grim Wave of Violence While Hamas Call for More to Commemorate Christian Attack on Temple Mount A Palestinian armed with hand grenades and a gun attacked IDF soldiers stationed on the security fence separating Israel from Gaza.

An Israeli girl of 17 murdered by Palestinian explosive. Her father and brother badly hurt Rina Shnerb, 17, died of her injuries on Friday, Aug. 23, and her father and brother were badly hurt by an explosive device tossed by Palestinian terrorists from a car at the Danny Spring nature reserve outside Dolan, in Binyamin.

US envoy: 'This isn't the path to peace' US envoy Jason Greenblatt responds to Friday's terror attack: 'Savage attack, this isn't the path to peace.'

Rashida Tlaib criticized the wall that stopped suicide bombings PA terror leaders complain about Israel's security wall, specifically because it stopped Palestinian suicide terror.

Why Iraq Could Be the Next Regional Powder Keg There's plenty of speculation as to who was behind four explosions at Iran-linked sites in Iraq, but no definitive proof.

IDF warns Hamas to control Islamic Jihad violence The Israeli military issued a stern warning to Hamas on Thursday, saying it must enforce its control over other terrorist groups like Islamic Jihad as tensions continue to simmer on the Gaza Strip border.

Ex-Iraqi PM warns Israel of 'strong response' if it proves to be behind strikes Nouri al-Maliki says continued attacks will turn country into 'battle arena that drags in multiple countries, including Iran'.

Putin, Erdogan to 'activate' cooperation on Syria Turkey vows not to quit army post surrounded in Syria: 'we don't want to leave,' says Foreign Minister.

G7 leaders vow 'concrete measures' over Amazon fires G7 leaders gathering in France this weekend plan to hammer out "concrete measures" in response to the wildfires raging in the Amazon rainforest, putting them on a collision course with Brazil's rightwing leader.

RIP, Iran?: Could the end of the Regime Be Near? We could be witnessing the death throes of the Islamic Republic.