Saturday, November 18, 2017


Judaism is the star at a Bible museum built by Hobby Lobby  Newest DC institution celebrates Jewish origins; Israel's ambassador to US and host of Israeli dignitaries attend opening ceremony. 

Oil prices could double if Middle East conflict escalates  Barrel traders recently pushed the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil above $55; the first time in over two years. 

Israel Concerned Syria De-Escalation Zone Will Bring Iran Closer to its Border  Top Israeli officials have expressed concern over the ceasefire deal in southern Syria recently brokered by the United States, Russia, and Jordan, arguing the pact fails to constrain Iran's presence in the war-torn country. 

Saudi Prince Muhammad is on eve of accession, plans war on Iran, with Israeli attack on Hizballah  The next Saudi King Crown Prince Muhammad and Israel agree that Iran is the biggest threat to the region, but Israel's top soldier rules out initiating an attack on Hizballah. 

Is a military coup against Trump in the cards?  In an extraordinary US Senate hearing this week, lawmakers and military officials rounded on President Trump as being a danger to world peace due to his Commander-in-Chief powers for launching nuclear weapons. 

Forty Years After Sadat Visit, Egyptian-Israeli Peace Faces Uncertain Future  It was on November 19, 1977 that Sadat stunned the world by visiting Jerusalem. 

Sanhedrin/Mount Zion Group Prepares Oil for Temple Menorah, Fulfilling Amos Prophecy on Jewish Land  In preparation for the Third Temple, the nascent Sanhedrin and the United Temple Movement (UTM) under the auspices of the Mount Zion Association annually prepares olive oil that is ritually pure and ready for use in the Temple, but this year, the olives were harvested from a special orchard, intended to send a special light into the world that adheres to a prophecy with current-day political ramifications. 

Saad Hariri, Lebanon PM, to return to Beirut 'in coming days'  Lebanese PM Saad Hariri has said he will return to Beirut in the coming days, and will then clarify his shock decision to resign. 

Why Russian-made air-defense missiles miss Israel Air Force raiders  In the last fortnight, missiles fired by Syria's Russian-made air defense systems twice missed hitting Israeli air force planes - the first time on Oct. 16, when Israeli planes flew over Lebanon, and the second time on Wednesday, Nov. 1, when Israeli jets were reported to have struck Syrian military targets near Homs. 

IDF fires 'warning shot' after Syrian border construction  IDF force fires warning shots at a Syrian army post near the village of Hader in the buffer zone in the northern Golan Heights following a fortification operation carried out by the Syrian army in violation of the cease-fire agreement that prohibits military activity in the buffer zone.