Wednesday, October 05, 2011


* 2,000 Through Porous Sinai Border into Israel An estimated 2,000 people managed to sneak through the porous Israel-Egypt border along the Sinai Peninsula in August.

* Russia and China Veto UN Resolution on Syria Russia and China joined forces on Tuesday and vetoed a European-drafted UN Security Council resolution condemning Syria.

* Syrian Unrest Spilling into Lebanon Syrian tanks entered the Bekaa border region of Arsal in on Tuesday and fired in the direction of an abandoned factory.

* Boycott looms as Egyptian elections near Less than two weeks left before campaigning begins for what are supposed to be Egypt’s first ever free and fair elections, a boycott by opposition activists, some political parties and the country’s Christian minority remains on the table.

* Turkish PM: Israel a nuclear threat Turkey's prime minister says Israel is a threat to the region for having a nuclear weapon.

* Bibles rescued from Syria in secret op It was a James Bond-style, continent-wide operation with many participants. It began in Syria, continued in the United States and ended in Israel.

* Ahmadinejad: Missile shields won't prevent collapse of Zionist regime Iran criticized Turkey on Tuesday for agreeing to allow NATO to station an early warning radar in the southeast of the country.

* Somali famine: Red Cross aid push in Islamist areas The International Red Cross has begun a huge distribution of aid to one million people in famine zones in Somalia controlled by Islamist militants.

* Germany Reopens Investigations into Hundreds of Nazi Guards The German government has launched a last-chance blitzkrieg on the dormant cases of hundreds of former guards and other personnel at Nazi death camps.

* Unrest spreads to military as retired Greek officers storm defence ministry The Greek armed forces now appear to be entering the political and street-level debate in the country over EU- and IMF-imposed austerity.