Friday, May 11, 2018


Iran will quit nuclear deal, restart enrichment, ramp up military tension Exclusive: Tehran will challenge the US by restarting nuclear fuel enrichment and ramp up its military confrontation with Israel.

Putin Stops Neither Iran, Nor Israel, in Syria So far the Russians have stayed out of the way and enabled Israel to act as it sees fit - and that is neither a given or something to be taken lightly.

Top Iranian generals welcome U.S. exit from JCPOA Addressing a conference, Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces Mohammad Hossein Baqeri said the JCPOA was not desirable for the Iranian nation from the very beginning but the nation "accepted it with magnanimity".

Israel strikes back at Iranian aggression, while Iran lies and pretends it won a victory Israel responded forcefully early Thursday to about 20 Iranian missiles launched from Syria just after midnight local time against the Jewish state - and handed Iran a painful lesson in strategic deterrence.

IDF Reveals Pictures of Iranian Targets Struck in Syria Aerial photos of the targets Israel struck in Syria.

POLL: 97% of East J'lem Residents Oppose Israeli Control Over Entire City An expert says the findings reflect both nationalistic and practical feelings.

29% of Israelis identify with Religious Zionism, poll shows New poll says influence of Religious Zionism growing across Israel, almost a third of Israelis identify with Religious Zionism's values.

EU: Israel has the right to defend itself European Union says Israel has the right to defend itself after attack on Iranian targets in Syria, but calls for restraint.

Zionism before Herzl and the Jewish Connection to the Capital Rivlin, even before he became the country's number one citizen, was a walking symbol of Jerusalem, always responding to greetings by interviewers: "Shalom from Jerusalem, the capital of Israel."

Liberman to Assad: Boot the Iranians out, for your own good Defense Minister Liberman warned against being too exuberant over Thursday morning's successful mission.