Thursday, July 31, 2014


Netanyahu: Israel won't agree to a truce that doesn't allow IDF to destroy all Gaza tunnels At Cabinet meeting, PM says mission on track and progress being made in destroying tunnels, eliminating Hamas terrorists; calls on nation to stand united for soldiers.

By April, IDF knew Hamas was preparing for 'summer war' Israel has destroyed some 85% of Gazan attack tunnels; Hamas's capabilities set back by 4-5 years, says senior military source; IDF moved large number of forces to Gaza Division in recent months.

How Gaza perverts the army's rules of engagement As Hamas and other terror groups blur the line between civilian and fighter, Israeli forces have to make tougher decisions than ever.

Iranian 'Qods Force' General Scoffs at Calls to Disarm Hamas Secretive leader of elite Revolutionary Guard force says terrorists should only disarm when Israel 'in the graveyard'.

Journalists threatened by Hamas for reporting use of human shields Foreign correspondents asked to leave enclave for social media posts on Hamas' utilization of civilian sites to attack Israel.

Ministry pushes 'stay-cations' for Israelis as tourism slumps due to rockets Tourism Ministry campaign includes a dedicated website that will provide special deals for lodging and restaurants.

Israeli Hasbara Animation: Welcome to Gaza Heights Enjoy a short animated tour of Gaza Heights, the most tranquil neighborhood in the Strip.

Liberian Official: Ebola Outbreak "Is Above The Control Of The National Government" A Liberian health official says the Ebola outbreak is now above the control of its government.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Want world peace? "Build 3rd Temple"Organization launches campaign to raise funds for draft plans of site, which, if built, it says, would "sher in universal harmony".

General: Operation in Gaza 'A Few Days from Completion' Maj. Gen. Shlomo Turgeman of the Southern Command notes that the IDF has successfully destroyed tens of terror tunnels.

Ukraine conflict: Russia faces more sanctions, warns G7 G7 leaders say Russia will face further economic sanctions if it continues to support rebels in Ukraine.

Gaza conflict: US and UN condemn school shelling The US and UN have condemned the shelling of a school housing displaced civilians in Gaza.

Islamic State fighter: 'Turkey paved the way for us' MEMRI report on interview of jihadi: 'We will build the Islamic state in the territories from Tigris to Jordan and Palestine and to Lebanon. Sunni Law will rule.'.

Could Saudi Arabia Be the Next ISIS Conquest? With ISIS on the border, Saudi Arabia is nervous about the terrorist incursion, but remains the source of its greatest support.

Why Are Saudis Tearing Up the Quran? Looks like the kingdom's atheists have finally found their voice.

PLO: US Backs Hamas in Ceasefire Talks PA officials accuse John Kerry of plot to 'get rid of the PLO,' back Muslim Brotherhood through Hamas; Abbas said to be 'furious'.

Israel: Latin American Envoy Recalls 'Encouraging Hamas' Five separate Latin American countries recall ambassadors to Israel over war in Gaza; Israel 'deeply disappointed' over move.

'Israel has ample evidence that Hamas is using UNRWA schools for terrorist purposes' Deputy FM Hanegbi says that "instead of blaming Israel, UNRWA should make a real effort to stop being manipulated by terrorist organizations.".

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Israel's dilemma: Topple Hamas, or again come to terms with it As Palestinians prepare to negotiate ceasefire in Cairo, Jerusalem still hasn't decided whether to oust Hamas or seek a new set of understandings.

Israel intensifies Gaza attacks after Netanyahu warning More than 100 Palestinians are said to have been killed after Israel intensified its bombardment of Gaza and warned of a long conflict ahead.

Israeli Official To Obama: "Leave Us Alone" A top Israeli official wants President Barack Obama to stop meddling with the Jewish state during its conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Hamas Spells it Out: Our Aim is the Extermination of the Jews In sermon from central Gaza Strip Hamas cleric says his group aims to 'totally exterminate' every last Jew in Israel.

Majority of American public blames Hamas for current conflict Poll shows US public opinion is divided by political affiliations; majority of Americans still see Hamas as more responsible for current crisis in Gaza.

Poll finds Israelis don't believe charges of excessive force Peace Index poll shows Israelis overwhelmingly approve of gov't performance; survey finds that Israeli Jews are overwhelmingly opposed to a cease-fire.

Khamenei Repeats Israel 'Rabid Dog' Insult in Eid al-Fitr Speech Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accuses Israel of 'genocide' in Gaza, in speech calling the Jewish state a 'wild wolf' for self-defense operation.

Obama Using Hamas Terror as Leverage Against Israel Israelis were once again left dumbfounded by the behavior of the American Administration after US President Barack Obama on Monday appeared to be using Hamas terrorism as leverage to get Israel to resume peace negotiations under Palestinian terms.

When Christians Become Apologists for Terror The Bethlehem Bible College has issued an official statement regarding the conflict in and around Gaza. The contents of that statement will be unsurprising to those more familiar with the college, but might be a wake-up call to others who believed this institution's agenda first and foremost was spreading the Gospel and teaching others to do so.

Israeli Christians: What About Our Brothers in Iraq? Arabic-speaking Israeli Christians are growing increasingly frustrated by the Western "Christian" world's exaggerated focus on Gaza, while it all but ignores the forced conversion, execution and exile of Iraq’s ancient Christian community.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Islamic Jihad Said to Have Iranian 'Judgement Day' Missile Sources said that Islamic Jihad's big 'surprise' was a long-range, explosive-laden Iranian-made rocket.

Netanyahu: We're prepared for an extended operation in Gaza "We will not end the operation in Gaza without neutralizing the terror tunnels," says PM; defense minister says Israel won't hesitate to expand actions against Hamas.

'We are looking at the beginnings of a Holocaust' The situation facing European Jewry is "simply intolerable, unacceptable and inexcusable," Israeli Jewish Congress president Vladimir Sloutsker told MKs and foreign diplomats at a special session of the Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Committee on Monday.

Reports: Saudis Looking for Alliance With Israel The interests of Israel and major Arab powers like Saudi Arabia and Egypt have never coincided more than they now do, wrote Dr. Yaron Friedman, an Israeli expert on Islam and the Arab world.

Poll: Overwhelming Support for IDF Operation, Netanyahu Most Israeli Jews are 'very satisfied' with the IDF operation in Gaza, Netanyahu's leadership - but still believe in two-state solution.

ISIS Destroys Tombs of Biblical Prophets Jonah, Daniel Eyewitnesses claim ISIS rigged both tombs with explosives, despite the fact that both prophets are considered holy to Muslims.

'Bad luck' ensured that asteroid impact wiped out dinosaurs Dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid impact when they were at their most vulnerable, according to a new study.

France offers Iraq Christians asylum after Mosul threat The French government says it is ready to offer asylum to Iraqi Christians forced to flee by Islamist militants in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

Report: North Korea threatens nuclear strike on White House A senior North Korean military official on Sunday threatened to launch a nuclear strike on the White House and Pentagon, according to Agence France-Presse.

Multi-billion losses expected from Russia sanctions EU diplomats on Monday (28 July) are to pour over the legal texts drafted by the EU commission for imposing sectoral economic sanctions on Russia for its role in the Ukrainian conflict. The sanctions are expected to be approved on Tuesday.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Huge Iran al-Quds Day rallies call for "Death to Israel" Zionist regime should be demolished 'by a referendum,' says Iran's leader, as Rouhani blasts world's silence.

US evacuates embassy staff from Libya due to militia clashes The US says it has temporarily evacuated its staff from the Libyan capital Tripoli over security concerns.

Gaza: Hamas seeks to emerge stronger Israel says its military offensive in Gaza targets militants from the Palestinian movement, Hamas. Yet for the most part the Islamist fighters remain shadowy figures during this latest conflict.

Hezbollah leader: Gaza has defeated Israel Hassan Nasrallah vows to support Palestinians, says Jewish state will fail if it does not halt fighting.

Protesters across Muslim world denounce Israel in al-Quds Day rallies Demonstrators call for "Death to Israel" and "Death to American" while expressing solidarity with Palestinians.

While Hamas celebrates, Israel focuses on its security Op-ed: The Islamist killers who rule Gaza unfortunately have many reasons to claim success right now. But what Hamas has to say matters far less than Israel's imperative to end this conflict dependably safer.

Israel and US openly at odds over Gaza ceasefire terms Israeli ministers unanimously reject Kerry proposal, and government sources say it leans heavily toward Hamas, wouldn't enable Israel to keep tackling Hamas tunnels.

Israeli Christians Call for Solidarity With Brothers in Iraq, Syria Israeli Christians groups are growing frustrated over the world's disproportionate focus on the current Gaza war, while all but ignoring the brutal slaughter and forced conversion of fellow Christians in Iraq and Syria.

Putin's real war ust how many unmarked tanks, rocket systems, and fighters have to cross the Ukrainian/Russian border before the international community calls it an "act of war"?.

Online anti-Semitism runs rampant in France Since start of Israeli operation in Gaza, website moderators have been forced to censor 95% of comments made by French users.

Friday, July 25, 2014


ISIL morphs into "full-blown army": U.S. intel claims "we did see this coming" The United States has revised its assessment and now regards Islamic State of Iraq and Levant as a military force..

Huge Iran al-Quds Day rallies call for "Death to Israel" Zionist regime should be demolished "by a referendum," says Iran's leader, as Rouhani blasts world's silence.

Iran: We Provided Hamas with Rocket Technology Iranian parliament speaker boasts that his country provided Hamas with the technology it has used to rain down rockets on Israel.

Officials: ISIS blows up Jonah's tomb in Iraq The holy site is thought to be the burial place of the prophet Jonah, who was swallowed by a whale or fish in both the Islamic and Judeo-Christian traditions.

US says evidence shows Russia fired artillery into Ukraine The US says it has evidence that Russia has fired artillery across the border targeting Ukrainian military positions.

UN admits its schools in Gaza were used to store Hamas rockets The United Nations has acknowledged that its facilities in the Gaza Strip were storing Palestinian missiles and rockets.

Google's New Moonshot Project: the Human Body Baseline Study to Try to Create Picture From the Project's Findings.

Israel to intensify cyber security as end of Ramadan approaches The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the IDF were prepared to operate in the face of intensified threats of cyber warfare in the coming days ahead of commemorative days in the Muslim world that fall on the last days of the month of Ramadan.

Arabs Riot Near Jerusalem, Attack Security Forces Thousands of Palestinian Arabs riot in Qalandiya, throw rocks, firebombs and use live fire against IDF and Border Police officers.

Leading Rabbi: This War is God's War, and Israel Will Win Chairman of Bnei Akiva and religious-Zionist leader Rabbi Haim Druckman gives special blessing to IDF, predicts victory through unity.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Netanyahu: Gaza Operation to Continue 'At Full Strength' Prime Minister says IDF has struck a 'significant blow' to Hamas; more than 30 'terror tunnels' located since ground op. began.

FAA cancels flight ban to Israel, Europe withdraws warning Hours after extending a 24-hour ban that went into effect Tuesday, the FAA cancels flight restrictions in response to increased Israeli security measures.

Putin's real war Just how many unmarked tanks, rocket systems, and fighters have to cross the Ukrainian/Russian border before the international community calls it an "act of war"?

Iran's supreme leader calls for end to 'murderous' Israeli regime Ayatollah Khamenei calls for referendum including both Arabs and Jews living in Israel in order to end the 'Zionist state.'.

Royce: US ignored calls to strike ISIS for months The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs panel Wednesday blasted the Obama administration for failing to act quickly against a Sunni extremist group, saying it had ignored Iraqi calls for drone strikes since last summer.

The Balfour Declaration: the Legal Right to a Jewish State The Jews have biblical rights, historical rights and legal rights to the land of Israel.

Reuven Rivlin sworn in as President of Israel Former Likud MK and Knesset Speaker vows his door will be open to all Israelis, whether they share his stance or not, stresses need for understanding in Israeli society.

Exclusive: Israel sends message through Hamas leader's mouth as psychological battle deepens Gazans hear Khaled Mashaal speak of his luxury hotel that cost more than "a hospital and three tunnels," as Hamas news channel hacked.

Rockets found at UN Gaza school "have gone missing" Ban Ki-moon expresses shock at the disappearance of the weapons, demands full review of incidents.

EU readies new sanctions on defiant Russia EU ambassadors meeting in Brussels at 9.30 local time on Thursday (24 July) are set to discuss a raft of new sanctions on Russia, as Moscow has shown no signs of wanting to meet an EU ultimatum over Ukraine.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Jihadi cleric calls for Muslim fighters to join the fighting in Gaza A new jihadi media outlet called Al-Fawaris released a video calling on Gazans to endure the military operation, saying that victory looms and that Muslims all over the world support them..

Maps, IDF Uniforms Found in Gaza Terror Tunnels Full 'terror kits' include not only weapons, but intelligence and disguises for attacks; IDF eliminates several terror cells..

Israel rebukes UN human rights chief for suggesting IDF guilty of war crimes in Gaza Palestinians call for investigation into "all violations" of human rights and humanitarian law that they say have been committed by Israel.

Italian Philosopher Calls to 'Shoot Zionists', Arm Hamas Gianni Vattimo insists Hamas fights with 'toy rockets,' wants EU to send fighters to Gaza.

Hamas Claims Suspended Flights to Israel as a 'Great Victory Islamist terrorist group celebrates 'victory' as some airlines suspend travel through Ben Gurion airport due to rocket fire..

IDF destroys empty Gaza hospital, being used as Hamas command center VIDEO shows IDF determining al-Wafa Hospital in Gaza was abandoned by civilians and being used by Hamas before IDF forces destroy the complex.

Israeli Christians Call for Solidarity With Brothers in Iraq, Syria Israeli Christians groups are growing frustrated over the world's disproportionate focus on the current Gaza war, while all but ignoring the brutal slaughter and forced conversion of fellow Christians in Iraq and Syria.

Israel, Hamas battle over public opinion online With videos, text messages and social media campaigns, both sides try spread their narratives among large audiences.

For second time, rockets found at UN school in Gaza "How many more schools will have to be abused by Hamas missile squads before the international community will intervene?" Foreign Ministry fumes.

Destroying Hamas is only way to peace Op-ed: Israel must advance agreement with Palestinian Authority while eradicating, rather than weakening, Islamic organization in Gaza.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


UN's Ban arrives, says no country would allow rockets to rain down on its cities PM meets with UN chief Ban Ki-moon who urges Israel to 'exercise maximum restraint'; condemns Hamas' use of schools, hospitals to launch rockets.

Gaza conflict: UN chief Ban urges end to fighting United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged Israel and the Palestinians to "stop fighting" and "start talking" to end the conflict in Gaza.

MH17 bodies leave Ukraine rebel area and reach Kharkiv A train carrying the remains of victims of the Malaysian airliner which crashed in Ukraine has arrived in the city of Kharkiv, outside rebel territory.

AFTER 2,000 YEARS, THE LAST CHRISTIAN IS FORCED TO LEAVE MOSUL The last Christian reportedly left Iraq's second largest city of Mosul at 12:00pm on Saturday, ending over 6,000 years of Assyrian history in the city.

French ease ban on pro-Gaza demonstrations in Paris The French authorities have reportedly authorised a demonstration in support for Gaza on Wednesday (23 July) after two government-banned protests over the weekend turned violent.

Analysis: Kerry intent on a Gaza truce US Secretary of State John Kerry voiced a great deal of urgency in wanting to get over to the Middle East and broker a cease-fire.

Obama signs order protecting some gay workers President Barack Obama has signed an order banning federal government contractors from discriminating against gay and transgender workers.

Hundreds Join Pro-Hamas Demonstration in Ramallah Hundreds of Palestinian Arabs demonstrated in the streets of Ramallah on Monday, according to Safa news agency, in support for Hamas and its constant barrage of rocket fire on Israel.

Private jets, restaurants, luxury hotels: the good life of senior Hamas officials Hamas leaders are facing criticism inside and outside of Gaza for enjoying a comfortable lifestyle while Gazans suffer.

Torah's Protective Edge The rabbis teach that nothing ever happens in the course of a week that cannot be found in the weekly Torah portion read in Jewish homes and synagogues around the world.

Monday, July 21, 2014


A DESPERATE CRY FROM IRAQ'S CHRISTIANS Iraq's Christian leaders have just made a desperate cry for help. 

Cabinet ministers: IDF may have to reconquer all or part of Gaza to ensure security Likud Minister Erdan says operation can't be stopped until a demilitarized Gaza is ensured; says Israel may have to reconquer northern Gaza.

IDF shows photos of alleged Hamas rocket sites dug into hospital, mosques The IDF on Monday released declassified photos showing how Hamas uses hospitals, mosques, and playgrounds as rocket launch sites.

EU under pressure to broaden Russia sanctions The US and the UK are putting pressure on the EU to impose tougher sanctions on Russia in the wake of the Malaysia Airlines disaster.

Wave of anti-Semitic rallies hits cities across Germany Jewish community braces itself ahead of Friday's Al Quds Day March, which will be 'so extreme' even some far leftists are boycotting

Nasrallah states Hezbollah's support for fight in Gaza Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah vowed to support "the resistance in Gaza in any way necessary " in its fight against the IDF.

MH17 plane crash: Dutch experts examine bodies Pro-Russian rebels have allowed Dutch investigators to examine bodies from the crashed Malaysia Airlines plane at a railway station in eastern Ukraine.

Obama Seen Gaining on Putin as U.S. Prods EU on Sanctions President Barack Obama's response to the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine reflects the consensus of U.S. officials that time, evidence, and world opinion are increasingly on his side as he takes on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Rioters Hurl Firebomb at Paris Synagogue Le Figaro reported Sunday that a synagogue at Sarcelles, in the Val d'Oise area of Paris, was targeted.

Why Israel Attacked a Densely-Populated Gaza Neighborhood More than two weeks into the current Gaza war, Israel on Sunday suffered its first bout of serious international condemnation after a day of bloody fighting that left dead 13 Israeli soldiers and at least 70 Palestinians.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


UN Security Council discusses Israeli operation in Gaza UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will travel to the Middle East on Saturday in a bid to end the fighting between Israel and Palestinians.

Israeli security cabinet meets after approving expansion of ground operation The Israeli government's security cabinet is currently meeting to discuss expanding further the ground incursion into Gaza that was launched late Thursday.

Euphoric Hamas needs to hear that Israel will oust it from Gaza if necessary The Qatari ceasefire initiative, first reported by the Times of Israel Saturday, illustrates how the continuing escalation of the conflict in Gaza has actually got nothing to do with Israel itself.

EU leaders fail to agree on top jobs EU leaders on Wednesday night (16 July) failed to reach an agreement on two top jobs - the high representative for foreign policy and the next EU Council president.

Ukraine rebels 'destroy MH17 clues' Ukraine has accused pro-Russian militiamen at the site of the Malaysia Airlines crash of trying to destroy evidence of an "international crime".

Egypt: No plans to revise Gaza cease-fire proposal Egypt has no plans to revise its cease-fire proposal to end fighting in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.

Gaza terrorists attempt to attack IDF forces with explosives-laden donkey Terrorists in Gaza attempted to attack IDF soldiers with an explosives-laden donkey on Friday.

Iraqi Christians flee after Isis issue Mosul ultimatum Iraqi Christians are fleeing Mosul after Islamist militants threatened to kill them unless they converted to Islam or paid a "protection tax".

Iran nuclear talks deadline extended until November The US says it will unblock $2.8bn in frozen Iranian funds, in return for Iran continuing to convert its stocks of 20%-enriched uranium into fuel.

Israel advises citizens to avoid Turkey amid Gaza protests Israel advised its citizens on Saturday not to travel to Turkey.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Rocket sirens sound during Netanyahu's phone conversation with Obama Premier thanks US president for supporting Israel's right to defend itself, accuses Hamas of using Palestinian civilians in Gaza as human shields.

IDF unearths 22 Gaza tunnels, kills 40 terrorists as ground offensive enters second day Israel suffers first casualty of ground incursion; Soldiers exchange fire with militants as units seize ground in Gaza.

Erdogan slams Egypt's Sisi as 'tyrant' over Cairo policy toward Hamas 'Is Sisi a party (to a ceasefire)? Sisi is a tyrant himself,' Erdogan told reporters. 'He is not different from the others.'

MH17 hit by missile from rebel-held Ukraine - Obama US President Barack Obama has said a surface-to-air missile fired from a rebel-held area in east Ukraine brought down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Iranian Leader Encourages Hamas in 'Struggle Against Occupation' Khaled Mashaal speaks to Iranian Parliament leader Ali Larijani before ground offensive begins, asks entire Arab world to join in.

Israel working to ensure EU foreign ministers don't mix settlements with Gaza at upcoming meeting French FM to arrive Saturday night; Foreign Ministry considering whether to recall representatives in Turkey.

Hamas's war is ultimately with Egypt The terror group started a fight with Israel to get Cairo to make concessions, especially at the Rafah Border Crossing, but who remembers that now?

IDF Commander: Hamas Blasphemes the God of Israel Striking a Davidic tone, the head of the Israeli army's Givati infantry brigade, Col. Ofer Winter, sent a letter several days ago to those of his troops amassed on the border of Gaza.

The 'virtual reality' helmet that lets fighter pilots see in the dark without goggles - and knows exactly where its wearer is looking. It is a helmet any Top Gun would be proud to wear - and the most advanced fighter jet system ever created.

Iron Dome shoots down nine Palestinian rockets over greater Tel Aviv The system has also shot down over two dozen Palestinian rockets that were launched on Friday at Israeli towns in the south, including Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beersheba, the Eshkol regional council, and the Gaza frontier communities.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Israel-Gaza ceasefire deal denied Israel's foreign minister and Hamas have denied earlier reports of a truce deal to end fighting in Gaza between Israel and Palestinian militants.

Hamas Government Praises, Encourages Human Shields Official statement from Gaza's 'security ministry' urges residents not to leave their homes before airstrikes, despite IDF warnings.

Pentagon claim: Iraqi Army is capable and on the rebound after ISIL onslaught The administration of President Barack Obama continues to report improved performance by Iraq’s military despite other reports to the contrary.

Hamas planned wholesale slaughter of Kibbutz Sufa members, says Peres Hamas planned the wholesale slaughter of members of Kibbutz Sufa near the Gaza border, President Shimon Peres told reporters on Thursday.

Malaysia jet crashes in east Ukraine conflict zone A Malaysian airliner carrying 295 people has crashed in east Ukraine on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, amid allegations it was shot down..

Poll: Americans Side with Israel, Not Palestinians 51% of Americans say that in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, they sympathize more with Israel; 14% prefer Palestinians.

Twenty Rockets Found in UNRWA School UN 'Palestinian refugee' organization, linked with incitement against Israel, to launch investigation over rocket cache.

EU leaders fail to agree on top jobs EU leaders on Wednesday night (16 July) failed to reach an agreement on two top jobs - the high representative for foreign policy and the next EU Council president.

Hamas believes "important political gains to be made" by striking at Isreal Israel’s bombardment of Gaza has resumed..

Gaza drone downed by IAF Patriot missile battery shoots down the drone in the second such event since Gaza operation began.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


IDF calls on 100,000 Gaza residents along Israeli border to evacuate homes Senior army official says ground offensive necessary to combat terror tunnels. It could take between a week and two weeks, and has high chances of being successful.

Report: Hamas proposes 10-year cease-fire in return for conditions being met Hamas demands release of Schalit deal prisoners who were re-arrested, the opening of Gaza border crossings.

Ministers Weigh Ground Offensive, Call Up More Reservists Experts: Israel has 'no choice' but to enter Gaza to meet bare-minimum goal of stopping Hamas rocket fire; 8,000 more reservists called up.

Netanyahu tells West: Israel won't rest until Gaza demilitarized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday repeated his position that "Israel will continue to do what it needs to do to defend itself until peace and quiet are restored." 

Jihadist groups using Facebook, Twitter to spread their message The Islamic State (IS), an al-Qaida offshoot which has declared a Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, and other radical Islamic groups are widely using social media websites to promote their message, raise funds, and recruit members. 

Syria's Assad sworn in, takes swipe at West Ahead of his new 7-year term, president vows to strike at rebels in country and at their supporters worldwide.

Nato puts brakes on enlargement Nato announced earlier this July that it is shelving plans to welcome any new members during its forthcoming Wales summit.

Both Israel and Egypt Rejected Kerry's Assistance in Cease-Fire Negotiations Secretary of State John Kerry offered numerous times to fly to Cairo or Jerusalem to assist in cease-fire negotiations.

The Israeli Navy's 'Silent Commandos' in Gaza The IDF may be primarily using airstrikes to hit Hamas and other terrorists, but the navy is playing a significant role of its own.

Iran calls for nuclear deadline extension Foreign Minister Zarif stresses that he still hopes to secure deal by Sunday

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Gaza Ceasefire Already Over; War Resumes An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire that Western and Israeli leaders hoped would bring an end to the current Gaza war had already collapsed by Tuesday afternoon.

Bennett Calls on Hamas 'Cowards' to Stop Using Human Shields Economics Minister Naftali Bennett rejected criticism from leftist NGOs over Israel's military operation against terrorist rocket fire from Gaza.

Iraq's parliament breaks deadlock to elect new speaker Iraq's parliament has elected Salim al-Jabouri as speaker, breaking weeks of political deadlock amid a jihadist-led Sunni rebellion in the north and west.

US lauds Israeli 'restraint' after Hamas failure to uphold ceasefire Israel demonstrated restraint for hours after Egypt's proposed ceasefire was set to take effect.

Hamas got rich as Gaza was plunged into poverty While the fighting is only expected to worsen the distress of the residents of Gaza, the Strip's economic outlook for the Strip was never good.

MEPs elect Jean-Claude Juncker to head EU Commission A majority in the European Parliament has approved former Luxembourg PM Jean-Claude Juncker to be President of the European Commission.

NASA: Humans Will Prove 'We Are Not Alone In The Universe' Within 20 Years NASA predicts that 100 million worlds in our own Milky Way galaxy may host alien life.

Al Qaeda, Hezbollah Battle it out in Syria The Syrian branch of Al Qaeda - Jabhat al-Nusra (the Nusra Front) - has released video it says are of clashes between its men and Hezbollah.

'Slightest doubt' cancels mission, says top Israeli pilot Amid a rising chorus of condemnation of the steep civilian death toll in Gaza - there were 172 fatalities in total by Palestinian accounts.

EU summit may decide only on foreign policy chief Leaders meeting on Wednesday (16 July) are likely to pick only the new EU foreign policy chief.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Hamas Reiterates 'Conditions' for Cease-Fire Hamas said Monday that it was not interested in a cease-fire right now - unless Israel completely capitulates to its demands.

Hamas searching for a way out of conflict, Israeli security sources believe Hundreds of intelligence-based air strikes don't receive green light due to risk to Gazan noncombatants; senior security officer says terror group has sustained "significant blow."

Iran Celebrates Use of Rockets Supplied to Hamas Iran: 'All Zionists are within the range of the resistance's missiles'.

Rouhani calls on Muslim world to aid Gaza Iranian Red Crescent Society offers medical equipment, assistance to Palestinians.

David Without a Sling 'Making David Into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel'.

Arab Cleric: Israel Defends Us from Hamas Missiles The Mukhtar (Islamic religious leader) of a Jerusalem neighborhood praises Israel for defending Arabs.

Cult Flies Jewish Star, Swastika Over Major Cities Raelians, who preach that Nazi symbol promotes 'peace,' at center of controversy over unusual banner.

Pope appeals for peace in Gaza conflict During weekly prayers in St Peter's Square pontiff tells thousands of pilgrims of recent 'tragic events'.

Church of England General Synod backs women bishops The Church of England has voted to allow women to become bishops for first time in its history.

Erdogan accuses Israel of 'using terrorism' in its operations against Hamas in Gaza "Israel is dropping 400 tons of bombs on our brothers, not agree with brutality is brutality itself," said the prime minister.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Israel and militants trade fire as Gaza toll rises Palestinian deaths are continuing to mount as Israel and militants in Gaza traded fresh rounds of rocket and missile-fire on Saturday.

Reports of ceasefire formula emerge as Gaza hostilities continue As hostilities between the Hamas ruled Gaza Strip and Israel continued on day 5 of Israel's Operation Protective Edge, talk of an emerging formula for a ceasefire began to be heard.

Netanyahu: Gaza conflict proves Israel can't relinquish control of West Bank Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday vowed to fight Hamas and other Gaza terror groups until Israel was safe.

UN must urgently investigate war crimes in Israeli-Gaza conflict - Amnesty Intl Amnesty International (AI) has urged the UN to urgently mandate an independent international investigation into Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

Hamas Hebrew music video aims to 'shake Israel's security' The music video opens with Palestinian Hamas fighters in fatigues building.

Supermoon rising over Earth this weekend Americans with their eyes to the sky this weekend could get a chance to see Earth's moon as it rarely appears.

IDF footage reveals efforts to spare civilians in Gaza Aerial footage released by the IDF overnight Friday showcased the difficulties the Israeli military encounters.

London demonstrators denounce Netanyahu as 'Hitler's clone' Thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators massed outside the Israeli embassy in London on Saturday, calling for an end to "Israeli aggression".

Witnesses describe how Islamists leveled Sunni village as a warning To the villagers who fled, Zowiya is now a graveyard for all they've ever known.

EU sees likelihood of Israeli ground attack on Gaza EU diplomats believe Israel will launch a ground invasion of Gaza if a Hamas rocket causes serious Israeli casualties.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Liberman says Israel must 'go all the way and eradicate Hamas regime in Gaza' Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman called on the government to "go all the way" and "eradicate the Hamas regime in Gaza."

Israel to 'resist international pressure' over Gaza srael will resist foreign pressure to halt its operations in Gaza.

Hamas 'Hopes' For an IDF Ground Assault A spokesperson for Hamas's military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, released a video statement on Thursday, in which he said Hamas is "hoping" that IDF forces will launch a ground offensive on Gaza.

Netanyahu: Gaza conflict proves Israel can't relinquish control of West Bank Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday vowed to fight Hamas and other Gaza terror groups.

Turkish Pop Singer Posts Anti-Semitic Tweets Praising Hitler A popular Turkish female pop singer was under pressure Friday to make a public apology after she posted a succession of anti-Semitic tweets.

Obama speaks with Netanyahu, offering to broker ceasefire with Hamas The United States is prepared to facilitate a cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Jerusalem mayor: Rockets don't discriminate between Christians, Muslims and Jews Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat assured city residents that if they follow the city's protocol when warning sirens go off, they should remain safe.

Ukraine conflict: Many soldiers dead in 'rocket strike' A rocket strike in the east Ukrainian region of Luhansk has killed at least 19 soldiers.

ISIS Seizes Nuclear Materials in Iraq Iraq warned the United Nations (UN) on Thursday that in capturing large portions of the country last month, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) also seized nuclear materials.

Fatah Facebook page glorifies female fighters, suicide bombers A short video clip posted on the Fatah movement's official Facebook page Thursday glorified a female army unit training to launch rockets at Israel.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Deaths rise in Israeli air strikes on Gaza More than 20 people have been killed in the latest air raids on Gaza.

Fatah joins Hamas and Islamic Jihad in missile launches Armed groups linked to Fatah say they began launching rockets and mortar shells into Israel Wednesday evening.

IDF asks Palestinians living near Gaza border to vacate homes The IDF has requested from Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who live in a number of areas near the Israeli border to begin vacating their homes.

China seeking Israeli counter-terror experts China is recruiting foreign experts in counter-terrorism to assist the training of anti-terror personnel.

ISIS Spokesman Explains Why 'Islamic State' Not Supporting Hamas The Islamic State, or ISIS, has responded to critics who have questioned why its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is not actively supporting Hamas in fighting Israel.

Hamas Blames John Kerry for Gaza Operation Kerry, said Abu Marzouk, gave Israel carte blanche "to kill at will" in Gaza.

Fatah MP: Israel Leading to a New Nazism The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has exposed a clip of another Fatah member making the same comparison.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad teams compete to fire faster, farther As of Thursday afternoon, on the third day of Operation Protective Edge, the end of this conflict was nowhere in sight.

PM speaks with Ban, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande, Harper - but not Obama Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken to a host of world leaders since the launch of Operation Protective Edge.

Israeli hospitals continue to treat sick Gazans despite missile attacks Rambam Medical Center is now treating 20 Palestinians, including eight children from Gaza.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Hamas fires rockets amid Israeli air strikes on Gaza Palestinian militants have fired more rockets at Israeli cities after Israel carried out dozens of overnight air strikes on the Gaza Strip.

Hamas to Israelis: "Wait for suicide attacks on every bus, cafe and street" Hamas broadcast numerous videos in Hebrew today in an attempt at psychological warfare against Israel.

Netanyahu orders army to intensify Gaza operation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday instructed the Israel Defense Forces to "intensify even further".

Top Obama official blasts Israel for denying Palestinians sovereignty, security, dignity Israel's ongoing occupation of the West Bank is wrong and leads to regional instability and dehumanization of Palestinians.

Fatah: "One God, one enemy, one goal" unites Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah announced this morning in a Facebook post that the military wings of Hamas.

Hamas: We attempted to hit the nuclear reactor in Dimona Three rockets were launched at Dimona in southern Israel on Wednesday afternoon.

Xi says US-China confrontation would be 'disaster' Mr Xi's comments came at an annual China-US dialogue held in Beijing.

Shocking moment ISIS militants take sledgehammers to Mosul tomb of Prophet Jonah as more than 50 blindfolded bodies are found massacred south of Baghdad This is the shocking moment ISIS militants took sledgehammers to Iraqi tombstones - smashing them to pieces.

Islamist plot to blow up Eiffel Tower, Louvre and nuclear power plant foiled, say French police France foiled an Islamist terrorist plot to target the Eiffel Tower.

Palestinians on Temple Mount Celebrate Gaza Rockets Hundreds of Palestinian Arabs rushed to Jerusalem's Temple Mount on Tuesday night to celebrate and thank Allah for the Hamas missile attack.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Hamas: All Israelis now targets for missile attacks Hamas vowed on Tuesday to step up its attacks on Israel.

IDF actively begins calling up 40,000 reserves for Operation Protective Edge The IDF has begun actively calling up the 40,000 reserves approved to it by the cabinet for Operation Protective Edge.

Political deadlock paralyzes Iraq Iraq's new parliament put off its next session for five weeks on Monday.

Arab, Muslim States Urge UN Security Council to Censure Israel The Arab League called Tuesday for the UN Security Council to hold an urgent meeting to discuss the Israel's air campaign against terrorist groups in Gaza.

China thinks it can defeat America in battle The bad news first. The People's Republic of China now believes it can successfully prevent the United States from intervening in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

ISIS Issues a 'Passport' for its 'Caliphate' The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) declared itself an Islamic "caliphate" last Sunday.

How war with Hamas might play out On November 10, 2012, Gaza terrorists fired a guided missile at an army jeep.

Iranian Concern Over Israeli Sorcery The Middle East is a region that remains steeped in superstition.

Juncker: Economics commissioner will be a Socialist Future EU commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker on Tuesday (8 July) promised that the economic affairs commissioner post will go to a Socialist.

Gulf War redux? Kuwait to redeploy troops to Iraq border for first time since 1991 Kuwait plans to return its military to the border with Iraq.

Monday, July 07, 2014


Hamas vows revenge after Israeli air strikes on Gaza The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas has promised revenge after Israeli air strikes in Gaza overnight.

Iran slams Iraqi breakup as Israeli plan Expressing support for Iraq PM Maliki, Iran says it will never allow 'Netanyahu's dream of disintegrating Iraq to come true.'

ISIS Threatens Western Journalists as First Targets Jihadists conquering Iraq and Syria threaten journalists with death for 'propaganda that kills Muslim women and children.'

Iraqi MPs postpone electing leaders as violence continues Iraqi MPs have again delayed a session needed to elect a new leadership in the face of a jihadist-led Sunni rebellion in the north and west.

Hamas video: It's a new dawn, all cities are close to Gaza Former intelligence chief Yadlin: There is Israeli deterrence in Gaza. Hamas could fire hundreds of rockets at Tel Aviv and Beersheba, but it doesn't.

For the Third Time: Palestinians Fly Nazi Flag Over Main Highway Arab village of Beit Umar located just north of spot where murdered Israeli teens' bodies discovered; swastika regularly flown there.

Watch: Hamas Video Targets 'Settlers' in Judea and Samaria Second 'scare' video this week shows IDF fleeing rocket fire, Hamas members building more missiles.

ISIS Is About to Destroy Biblical History in Iraq Iraqi antiquities officials are calling on the Obama administration to save Nineveh and other sites around jihadist-occupied Mosul. But are drone strikes really the answer?

Military source: 1,500 reservists called up by IDF Defense officials believe Hamas is seeking in escalation, say Hamas may be taking part in rocket fire on Israel.

Several EU states impose arms ban on Russia Several EU states impose arms ban on Russia

Saturday, July 05, 2014


Arabs demonstrate in Nazareth as popular protests spread Many hundreds of Israeli Arabs demonstrated throughout central and northern Israel on Saturday.

Gaza terrorists launch rockets at city of Beersheba Gaza terrorists continued to increase the range of their rocket attacks on Saturday.

Clashes in east Jerusalem after teen's burial revive intifada fears for Middle East Thousands of Palestinians furious over the killing of a local teenager swarmed the streets of East Jerusalem.

Independence Day 2014: All is not lost - but it could be Birthdays are supposed to be times for celebration and gift-giving.

U.S. Seen as Biggest Oil Producer After Overtaking Saudi Arabia The U.S. will remain the world's biggest oil producer this year.

Rising red tide: China's Navy in frenzy to build new nuclear-powered attack subs China's military is investing heavily in advanced submarines, including both ballistic and cruise missile firing vessels and attack subs.

Fatah calls on Palestinians to attack Israeli soldiers and civilians The ruling Fatah movement, weeks after it formed a Palestinian Authority government with Hamas, has called for a revolt against Israel.

Ukraine crisis: Donetsk rebels in mass withdrawal Ukrainian separatist rebels have pulled back to the main city of Donetsk, abandoning several strongholds in the Donetsk region to government forces.

Isis chief appears in first video Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of Islamist militant group Isis, has called on Muslims to obey him.

Palestinian Mohammad Abu Khdair 'was burned alive' A Palestinian teenager killed in Jerusalem was burned alive.

Friday, July 04, 2014


It's The Fourth Of July! Here's How The U.S. Is Celebrating Independence Day The United States marks 238 years as an independent nation as it celebrates the Fourth of July with fireworks, food and music. 

Netanyahu promotes 'bookends doctrine' PM lobbies for support of independent Kurdish state, strong Jordan to box in Islamic extremists.

Fatah calls on Palestinians to attack Israeli soldiers and civilians The ruling Fatah movement, weeks after it formed a Palestinian Authority government with Hamas, has called for a revolt against Israel.

Iraq struggles to win back Tikrit as ISIL continues march to Baghdad Iraq, despite foreign military support, continues to struggle against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Independence Day 2014: All is not lost - but it could be Birthdays are supposed to be times for celebration and gift-giving. 

REPORT: HOUSES OF WORSHIP DECLINING ACROSS U.S. The Atlantic reports that the number of houses of worship in the United States is declining, and there is one salient reason why: the poor economy of the country since late 2008.

Iraq crisis: Isis rebels 'hunt opponents', say refugees Isis rebels have been methodically hunting down non-Sunnis and those opposed to the militants, refugees from the rebel-held towns have told the BBC.

Crowds flock to Jerusalem funeral for Palestinian teenager Thousands of people have attended the funeral of a murdered Palestinian teenager in East Jerusalem amid heightened tensions with Israel.

EU states promote settler boycott amid Israel crisis Twelve EU countries have warned investors not to do business with Israeli settler entities, amid a security crisis in Israel and Palestine.

Third Day of Riots: Clashes on Temple Mount Counter-measures to prevent spillover from Shuafat violence fail as Arab mob clashes with police.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Netanyahu: If quiet not restored to South, troops amassed near Gaza will act with power At 4th of July celebration as rockets fell on South from Gaza, and a few days after burial of kidnapped teens, PM calls on Israel, whose "heart is hurting and blood is boiling," to act and speak with restraint.

Rockets Rain on Israel as Hamas Vows Revenge A total of eleven rockets have fallen on Israeli soil from Gaza since early Wednesday, with six fired in the past two hours.

Palestinians biggest supporters of suicide bombing, says new survey of Muslim world Large majorities in Muslim countries are increasingly worried about Islamist militancy.

The Caliphate Restored The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has declared itself a caliphate.

'Trolling' among tactics used by US State Dept against ISIS The US State Department has adopted some unconventional tactics to combat ISIS.

Candidly speaking: As Europe slides into a Dark Age, Jews must review their future Recent developments signal that the prospect of Europe sliding into a new Dark Age is now a horrifying reality.

'Iranian attack jets deployed' to help Iraq fight Isis Iran has supplied Iraq with attack jets to help it counter an offensive by Sunni rebels led by the Islamist group Isis.

Ebola: WHO calls emergency talks on outbreak So far, 763 people have been infected with the virus - and 468 of these have died.

60,000 Israelis download SOS app after kidnapping of teens Following the murders of three kidnapped youths, 60,000 Israelis have already downloaded the one-swipe emergency alert application.

Iraqi Kurds dig frontier around disputed areas As Islamic extremists seek to sweep away borders in their advance across the Middle East, Kurds in northern Iraq appear to be in the process of digging a new one.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Israeli Leaders Respond to Discovery of 3 Murdered Teens Israel's cabinet at press time was still deciding on a response to the discovery of the bodies of three Jewish teens abducted by Hamas terrorists two weeks ago.

Israel holds murdered teenagers' funerals The funerals are taking place in Israel of three teenagers who were abducted and murdered while hitch-hiking in the occupied West Bank.

Ya'alon vows to track down murderers of 3 Israeli teens Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon vowed Tuesday to track down the murderers and punish Hamas for the act.

Iraqi Council of Representatives fails to elect speaker Iraq's new parliament has ended its first session in disarray, with MPs failing to make any progress in choosing the country's new leadership.

Turkey Opposes Independence for Iraq's Kurds The Turkish government said on Monday that it was against Iraq's Kurdistan region splitting away from Baghdad.

Ya'alon vows to track down murderers of 3 Israeli teens Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon vowed Tuesday to track down the murderers and punish Hamas for the act.

Settlers build two new West Bank outposts in response to teen deaths Setters on Tuesday morning built two small fledgling West Bank outposts in response to the murder of three teenage boys, who were abducted by Hamas.

Ukraine army attacks eastern rebels as truce ends Ukrainian forces have launched a full-scale military operation against pro-Russia separatists in the east, hours after a ceasefire ended.

U.S. Worried About Syria Threat to Commercial Flights The Obama administration is concerned that terrorists in war-ravaged Syria are trying to develop a new generation of bombs that could be smuggled onto commercial planes.

Thinking like kidnappers, a group of volunteers ends the search The army used dogs and trackers. It floated surveillance balloons and launched unmanned aircraft.