Thursday, April 04, 2019


ANALYSIS: Israel and US Working Against Growing Iranian Missile Threat While the international community continues issuing condemnations about the American recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights it becomes increasingly clear that the measure is related to Iran's activities in Syria.

Iran 'a significant threat to Middle East peace', warns Israeli expert IRAN's "significant" threat to stability in the Middle East should not be under-estimated - while Israel's deep commitment to "rolling back" the Islamic Republic's influence in Syria and elsewhere mean tensions between the two countries are unlikely to recede any time soon, an Israeli-based expert has said.

Encountering Peace: The Birth of the State of Palestine in Gaza Now we are witnessing the final stages of the implementation of the plan devised by Sharon, and likely to be completed if Netanyahu wins the elections on April 9.

US issues warning to Turkey over Syria invasion amid Middle East tensions - 'DEVASTATING' Mike Pompeo issued a stark warning to Turkey against any military in Syria after meeting the country's foreign minister.

Syria vows to recapture Golan from Israel 'by all means' As protests against US recognition of Israeli sovereignty continue across war-torn country, FM Muallem promises to 'liberate every inch' of its territories.

2,000-year-old Jewish settlement uncovered in Beer Sheva Excavations reveal, among other things, sherd of rare oil lamp depicting menorah, one of the earliest depictions of menorah discovered.

Garden of Eden FOUND? How archaeologist discovered 'true location' after Jerusalem find The Garden of Eden's location may have finally been found thanks to a discovery by an archaeologist in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, a documentary claimed.

Handing Gaza to Abbas Will Solve Nothing Overthrowing Hamas and handing rule in Gaza to Mahmoud Abbas will not bring about a solution to the Gaza problem.

How Putin Built a Ragtag Empire of Tyrants and Failing States Even in the worst of times, Russia had been a reliable friend to the Sudan of Omar al-Bashir.

Caroline Glick: Egypt and Middle East Peace, Positive and Negative Next week, Egyptian President Sisi will arrive in Washington for a critical meeting with President Donald Trump.