Saturday, December 03, 2011


* Egypt Islamists tell rivals to accept vote result Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood called on its rivals to accept the will of the people on Saturday.

* Iranians greet diplomats expelled from London Iran called on the West to avoid a deepening diplomatic crisis following the storming of the British embassy in Tehran.

* 'Israel biggest loser from Muslim Brotherhood win in Egypt' Israel is the biggest loser from the strong showing of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian parliamentary election.

* Barak: We can't wait until Iran has nuclear bomb Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Saturday that Iran is getting closer to developing a nuclear bomb.

* Israel blames Palestinians for deadlock in talks A spokesman for Israel's prime minister is blaming the Palestinian leadership for the deadlock in peace talks.

* Biden chides Arab leaders on freedom of speech US Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday chided Arab leaders who restrict freedom of expression.

* Security and Defense: Learning from Korea The last tunnel was discovered in 1990. It is about one-and-a-half kilometers long, two meters in height and two meters in width.

* Jacques Delors: Euro was flawed from beginning One of the main architects of the single European currency, Jacques Delors, has said the eurozone was flawed from the beginning.

* 'Jew-hate stems from conflict' Growing global anti-Semitism is linked to Israel’s policy towards the Palestinians.

* Panetta: Strike on Iran must be the last resort US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Friday said an attack on Iran must be the last resort.