Monday, December 21, 2020


 If Iran or its proxies attack Israel, they will pay heavy price - Kochavi “I am putting things in a simple way and describing the situation to our enemies as it is - our retaliation plans are prepared, and they were all practiced in advance.”

Top US soldier sounds out Israel, Saudis & Emiratis on countering Iranian aggression During Chairman of the US joint chiefs Gen. Mark Millay’s two-day visit to Israel, he talked twice with PM Binyamin Netanyahu, met Defense Minister Benny Gantz and IDF chief Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi to discuss “changes in the operational situation in the Middle East” and held interviews with other top Israeli military and security brass.

New elections near as Likud, Blue and White say talks have broken down Netanyahu’s party accuses Gantz of reneging on agreement, while defense minister — in isolation over exposure to virus — says he expects PM to refuse his ‘final offer’.

'Trump is crazy': Hezbollah sees threat in US president's final days Leaders fear Donald Trump and Israel will act against Iran and Hezbollah before Joe Biden’s arrival.

Archaeologists recreate tiles of temple where Jesus walked When Jesus strode through the ancient Jewish temple in Jerusalem, his feet met hewn-stone, earth-tone tiles that were geometric in design and cool, dappled and scuffed to the touch.

With Netanyahu's Approval Levite Announces on Temple Mount: "We're Getting Closer to (3rd) Temple" Israel’s coalition chair and lawmaker (Likud) Amit Halevi lit Chanukah candles on Tuesday outside of the Temple Mount.

Trump's flurry of dodgy deals will not bring the Middle East any peace Peace deals that entrench injustice, punish the weak and are propelled by greed, blackmail and weapons sales have precious little to do with peace – and are unlikely to endure.

Netanyahu honors Jared Kushner for Abraham Accords Watch: Israeli PM hosts special event in Jerusalem honoring President Trump's advisor, Jared Kushner, for his role in peace deals.

World Economic Forum: Digital Davos 2021 to Reveal ‘Great Reset Initiative’ The World Economic Forum (WEF) has revealed its Davos 2021 Agenda, confirming the annual gathering of political and business elites next month will be a digital event heralding the public unveiling of its Great Reset Initiative.

Dream of alliance from Lisbon to Vladivostok dies: German efforts to create a Europe without Russia forged a Europe against Russia German-Russian friendship is over with ‘Ostpolitik’ dead and buried. Future relations will largely be based on confrontation, as Moscow no longer cares what Berlin thinks and Germany has lost its unique leverage with Russia.