Wednesday, December 12, 2012


* North Korea rocket launch condemned internationally The United States called the test a "highly provocative act that threatens regional security".

* Egyptian army abruptly postpones 'unity' talks Efforts to resolve Egypt's rapidly worsening political crisis suffered a blow on Wednesday when the army abruptly postponed "unity" talks that the opposition had minutes earlier said they would attend.

* IDF to begin giving its medics chemical weapons antidote The IDF has acquired tens of thousands of doses of a drug used to combat nerve agent chemical poisoning and will distribute them to all combat medics in the coming months.

* 17 US Warships now off Syria The U.S. aircraft carrier "Dwight D Eisenhower" has arrived off the shores of Syria.

* Israeli leader mocks EU 'dismay' Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu has mocked EU foreign ministers' "dismay" over his plan to split Palestine in three and to take away its capital.

* Putin warns of foreign meddling in politics in Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested some opposition politicians are in the pay of foreign interests, saying it is unacceptable.

* China to overtake EU and US by 2030, US intelligence says The era of American and European economic dominance has less than two decades left to run.

* Iran: Proud of Our Support for Hamas and Islamic Jihad Iran is continuing to boast close relations with the terrorist organizations operating in Gaza.

* Watch: Gaza kids simulate rocket launch A generation comes of age: A video posted on social networks shows a group of Palestinian kids in Gaza simulating the firing of mortar shells at Israeli communities.

* Pope starts tweeting as @pontifex, blesses followers Pope Benedict XVI has sent his first much-anticipated Twitter message using his personal account.