Friday, June 12, 2020


The Quiet Struggle Over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount There is a quiet struggle going on over control of East Jerusalem’s Noble Sanctuary (Haram al-Sharif) or Temple Mount.

Israel to prepare census of Palestinians living in future annexed areas Ramallah estimates that tens of thousands of Palestinians will be impacted by the annexation move.

Is the Palestinian issue a core cause of Middle East turbulence? None of the threats facing today's Arab world is triggered by the Palestinian Arab issue and none affected by the lack of a solution. Op-ed.

Israel: Settler leader denounces Trump Mideast plan, criticizes Netanyahu 'Trump plan will lead to a Palestinian terror state,' Yesha Council chief says.

Sanhedrin Decision Pertaining to Trump’s Deal of the Century The Sanhedrin released a statement on the soon-to-be enacted peace plan proposed by President Trump.

Syria’s dictator Bashar Assad faces renewed challenges at all levels BEHIND THE LINES: Bashar Assad is not about to fall, But economic deterioration, regime infighting, sanctions and unrest are combining to place his regime under renewed, severe pressure.

The longer Erdo─čan is in power, the more Turkey looks like Iran – opinion By following a similar policy as Iran, the Erdogan administration started to use the Palestinian-Israel case as a significant tool to obtain support from the Muslim community.

Religious and Cultural Obstacles to China’s BRI in the Middle East The successful implementation of China’s BRI strategy will largely depend on its ability to overcome the Middle East’s weighty political, economic, religious, cultural, and security problems.

International Involvement in Temporarily Assuaged India-China Border Tensions International powers are beginning to choose sides in the border dispute between China and India over the highest altitude real estate in the world. Though a “positive consensus” has been reached, this particular border has a long history of conflict.

World Council of Churches wants EU sanctions on Israel if annexation goes ahead Umbrella Christian group urges bloc to end trade agreement with Jewish state if it extends sovereignty over parts of West Bank, says move ‘cannot lead to justice or to peace’.