Monday, December 07, 2015


Islamic State pulls in $80 mn a month  About half of Islamic State's revenues come from 'taxes' extracted from the population and businesses on its territories with illegal oil sales the second most profitable activity, a new report suggests. 

Anonymous Declares 11 December "ISIS Trolling Day"  Anonymous has declared December 11th "ISIS Trolling Day." The hackers call on web users to spend the day antagonizing, mocking, and disrupting the online propaganda of the Islamic State. 

War On Christmas Continues: Florist Threatened With Court For Playing Carols  A florist in Birmingham has been told by council killjoys that he faces a court appearance if he continues playing Christmas carols on his flower stall as the annual "War on Christmas" resumes. 

ISIS attack in Israel is just a matter of time  The number of Israeli Arabs involved in Islamic State's activities has risen the past year; IDF General Staff carried out a massive drill dealing with the challenge posed by ISIS. 

UN watchdog: Terrorists may seek nuclear material for "dirty" bomb  International Atomic Energy Agency chief urges countries to secure such substances as devices could pose "real threat".

Turkey summons Russian ambassador over missile launcher  Turkey has summoned the Russian ambassador after a serviceman on a Russian naval ship allegedly brandished a rocket launcher while the vessel passed through Istanbul at the weekend.

Hamas: Judea-Samaria the geographic key for 'freeing Palestine'  Hamas leader says current intifada will prepare the groundwork for 'liberation of Palestine,' as previous ones 'freed Gaza.'. 

The Jewish World may actually be 5-10 million people bigger  Finding lost Jews has been one of the most tantalizing mysteries of Jewish history. Now the 'crypto-Jews' are beginning to reemerge.

For Parisian Jews this holiday, celebrating Hanukkah is a miracle  Despite the ongoing state of emergency in France, the Festival of Lights is publicly feted in the City of Light.

Rep. McCaul: "Make No Mistake: We Are a Nation at War"  FBI investigating 1,000 'homegrown terror cases'.