Monday, November 23, 2015


Israel braces for annual UN bashing over Palestinians  Pro-Palestinian resolutions to include condemning West Bank settlements and blaming Jewish state for all violence. 

German Jews warn: Syrian migrants bring Jew hatred  Central Council of Jews calls to limit migrant influx, warning 'they come from cultures where anti-Semitism and intolerance is integral.' 

Report: Russian ground troops arrive in Syria in unprecedented military action  The Kuwaiti report adds that Russian forces have already taken over multiple strategic positions and have forced numerous rebel battalions to retreat. 

Putin arrives in Iran as Russia eases nuclear export ban to Islamic Republic  The decision follows a landmark deal between six world powers and Tehran in July, under which Iran agreed to long-term curbs on its suspected nuclear program. 

Brussels on high alert as police lock capital down  Brussels will remain at the highest possible alert level Monday, with schools, universities and metros closed over a "serious and imminent" threat of attacks similar to those that struck Paris, the Belgian prime minister said. 

Paris attacks: France launches anti-IS strikes from carrier  France has launched its first missions against Islamic State (IS) militants from its Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, military sources said. 

New Israeli system protects planes from missile attack  Elbit successfully tests Directed Infrared Countermeasure, which protects planes from MANPAD ground-to-air heat seeking missiles. 

Visiting Tehran, Putin begins transfer of S-300  Russia has begun supplying long-range S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Iran, president announces during Tehran visit. 

New Palestinian propaganda video: 'Death to the settler'  Video shows armed masked Palestinians executing an actor portraying a Jewish settler, and encourages the return to suicide terror attacks. 

Gangs of New York: Sicilian mafia offers Big Apple protection from 'psychopathic' ISIS  The son of a New York mob boss has given Islamic State a stark warning, saying if they are planning any attacks in New York, they will have to contend with the Sicilian mafia.