Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Top Iranian general: Iran preparing for all-out war with the US  America 'won't do a damn thing' to stop Iranian advances, Revolutionary Guards commander boasts. 

IAF 'very disturbed by significant rise in ballistic threat'  Brig.-Gen. Tal Kelman, IAF Chief of Staff, also warns of regional states "buying up hundreds of billions of dollars of advanced arms" in unstable region. 

Hamas: Goal Remains Israel's Destruction  Delusional Western figures like Jimmy Carter continue to claim that radical Islamist groups like Hamas are 'moderating' and must today be seen as part of the solution, not the problem. 

Muslim Terrorists Are Running Whole Prison Blocks Under Sharia Law  Muslim extremists at a Leicestershire jail have turned part of the prison into a 'no-go zone' for non-Muslims, and are running an entire block under Sharia law, prison union leaders have claimed. 

Syria war: IS 'used mustard gas' on Assad troops  State media in Syria have accused militants from so-called Islamic State (IS) of using mustard gas against government forces in the north-east. 

Jewish settlement, synagogue from Second Temple era unearthed on Sea of Galilee shore  2,000-year-old bronze incense shovel and jug discovered in excavation of ancient site of Magdala. 

WATCH: A stunning time-lapse of the Earth as seen from space  The video shows city lights and lightning flashes as the ISS circles the Earth. 

Jews attempt to enter Temple Mount dressed as Muslims  Two Jewish men arrested after dressing up as religious Muslims to get round draconian restrictions on Jewish visits. 

Russia again said set to deliver S-300 to Iran  Senior Moscow diplomat reportedly says first shipment of anti-aircraft missile system will start in the coming days. 

Christians say they are facing increased persecution in America  A new poll finds that, in just two years, the number of Americans who think Christians are facing growing intolerance in the United States has drastically increased.