Tuesday, April 07, 2020


Netanyahu Considers Pascal Lamb Sacrifice on Temple Mount for First time in 2,000 Years The Sanhedrin tasked Shimshon Elboim, head of the Temple Mount Organizations, with submitting a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu to perform the ritual korban Pesach (Passover sacrifice) in its proper place, the Temple Mount, and in its Biblically mandated time, Wednesday afternoon, the eve of the Passover feast.

Samaria Regional Council Head urges PM not to 'miss this historic opportunity' Yossi Dagan hopes PM Netanyahu won't cave in to pressure from Blue & White.

Macron Calls On Iran To Respect Nuclear Obligations In Call With Rohani French President Emmanuel Macron has called on Iran to respect its nuclear obligations as the world focuses its attention on the coronavirus pandemic.

Many Iraqi politicians resent IRGC meddling in their affairs The visit of Iranian Quds Force commander Esmail Ghaani to Iraq last week received a great deal of attention and provoked controversy on the local political scene.

'Limited' Priestly blessing at Western Wall to be broadcast online In most years, tens of thousands of Jews crowd the Western Wall Plaza to receive the priestly blessings.

Coronavirus: The Looming Collapse of Europe's Single Currency In Spain, which recently overtook Italy as the epicenter of the coronavirus in Europe, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez committed €200 billion - 20% of the country's GDP - to alleviate the economic and social consequences of the pandemic.

The Real Possibility of War With Iran During a Global Pandemic In the middle of February, I began writing an article that examined the roots and implications of the undying Iran/US conflict from the perspective of Iranian Americans in the Pacific Northwest.

An Eroding European Union At the end of a frustrating six-hour teleconference with European Union leaders at the end of March, French president Emmanuel Macron warned that the Covid-19 pandemic was challenging "the survival of the European project."

Israel's Nuclear Missiles Could Smash You Back to the Stone Age Israel's missile capabilities are perhaps among the most advanced in the Middle East.

WHO: Abortions Must Continue even at Expense of Spreading Coronavirus The World Health Organization (WHO) has been targeted by criticism that it bungled the current pandemic but criticism of a different sort is plaguing the organization now.