Saturday, April 22, 2017


Putin Sends Military to North Korean Border over Fears of Refugee Exodus  Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered troops, as well as military resources, to the country's border with North Korea over fears that war could trigger a wave of refugees out of the country. 

Mattis leaves Israel with unanswered questions  The Syrian shells exploding on the Golan were ringing in Israel's ears on Friday, April 21, when US Secretary of Defense James Mattis flew out after talks with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. 

Will Iran's Looming Election Provide a Glimpse Into the Islamic Republic's Future?  Iran is scheduled to hold its next presidential election May 19 with incumbent President Hassan Rouhani seeking a second four-year term. 

France: A Guide to the Presidential Elections  Voters in France will go to the polls on April 23 to choose the country's next president in a two-step process. The top two winners in the first round will compete in a run-off on May 7. 

What a war with North Korea would probably look like  Back in 2013 during the last major flare up between the U.S. and North Korea I wrote an extensive analysis on the North Korea wild card and how it could be used by globalists as a catalyst for international economic instability titled Will Globalists Use North Korea To Trigger Catastrophe? 

Armed Muslim Who Displayed Guns at Dakota Christian Conference Will Not be Charged  A Muslim man escorted out of a Christian Conference in South Dakota went out to the parking lot and filmed himself on Facebook Live, flashing multiple firearms, telling viewers they should be "terrified". 

Trump Administration Announces Iran Complying With Nuke Deal But Not Ready to Lift Sanctions  The Trump administration told Congress on Tuesday that Iran is complying with the terms of the nuclear deal, but they are launching a review to determine whether it is in America's security interests to lift the remaining sanctions. 

Trump Touts Le Pen As "Strongest" Candidate in French Presidential Race  In a new interview U.S. President Donald Trump has said that while he does not formally endorse anti-mass migration French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, she is the "strongest" on borders and security, ahead of Sunday's first round of voting in France. 

Paris Gunman Carried Note Defending Islamic State Terror Group  The Paris prosecutor says the Champs-Elysees attacker had a note defending the Islamic State group with him when he opened fire on police officers. 

Europe: Making Itself into the New Afghanistan?  Maastricht, in the Netherlands, is the picturesque city that gave its name to the famous treaty signed in 1992 by the twelve nations of the European Community at the time, and which paved the way for the foundation of today's European Union and the single currency, the euro.