Saturday, October 01, 2016


* Syria conflict: Aleppo hospital 'hit by barrel bombs' An air raid on the rebel-held eastern half of the Syrian city of Aleppo has hit the area's largest hospital for the second time in a matter of days, a medical charity says.

* Did WW3 Just break out in the Middle-East ? This article presents the flash-point of the open full-scale war in the middle-East between Russia-Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-Hamas-Houthis-China-N.Korea-Laos-Philippines and between NATO-Israel-Jordan-GCC (Saudia & Emirates)-Egypt-Ukraine-S.Korea-Vietnam.

* Sounding the Horn of the Messiah From Jerusalem Though it is impossible to say with absolute certainty when the Messiah will come, in an ancient synagogue in Jerusalem's Old City, a shofar and jug of oil are patiently waiting on a high shelf for his arrival. 

* European Commission Demands Money For EU Army The European Union's executive wants to boost the bloc's joint defence and security with an initial investment of 90 million euros in research, marking a turning point after years of cuts.

* The World's Economic System Failing Fast: China on Brink  The European Central Bank and the head of Italy's bank rescue fund clashed on Monday over the European Union's tough conditions on state aid for troubled banks. 

* Shimon Pere is laid to rest in Jerusalem Shimon Peres was born Szymon Perski, on 2 August 1923 in Wiszniew, then Poland now Belarus.
* War of Gog and Magog Has Already Begun, Says Mystic Rabbi; Messiah is Here Just a few days prior to the Jewish New Year, Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, a noted kabbalist with thousands of followers in Israel, has revealed a divine redemptive plan for the world which will see Europe overrun with Muslims, Syria's chaos spilling into the West, the US elections spelling disaster for American Jews, and Israel's importance becoming greater than ever.

* Sanhedrin Revives 2,000-Year-Old Blessing for Counting of Jubilee Year Amidst the shofar blasts, this Rosh Hashana will include a mitzvah (Biblical commandment) that hasn't been performed by the Jews in almost 2,000 years: counting the Jubilee. 

* IN PHOTOS: Shimon Peres laid to rest Leaders from the past and present, from Israel and abroad, came to accompany Israel's ninth president to his final resting place, as close friend author Amos Oz and his three children also eulogized him.

* Globalism Is Anti-Christ, Demonic, Theologians Argue Prominent theologians and scholars are saying this week that while globalism may be a buzzword this election season, too few understand the demonic forces driving this ideology.