Monday, July 24, 2017


'Wake up and make the dream a reality' A young boy wakes up on the morning of Tish'a b'Av and discovers the possibility of a better world.

Iran, Iraq take steps for closer military co-op TEHRAN - Iran and Iraq signed an initial agreement on Sunday to boost military cooperation in various areas, including counterterrorism efforts.

Rex Tillerson's State Department Slams Israel Harder Than Obama's Did in New Report In its annual report on terrorism, the US State Department blamed Palestinian violence on Israel, using language even more anti-Israel than was used in last year's report submitted by Obama's Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Israel-Jordan relations reach fever pitch Thousands take to the streets in Amman against Israel over Temple Mount crisis, unrest in east Jerusalem.

Shabbat Terror Massacre May Spark Messianic Battle for Temple Mount The horrific murder of three family members on Friday night signaled a painful upsurge in the battle for the Temple Mount indicated that the recent struggle is part of the archetypal end-of-days battle between good and evil that could bring the Third Temple.

Hezbollah says it seized strategic valley on Syria-Lebanon border The offensive, launched on Friday by Hezbollah and the Syrian army, has so far focused on militants from al Qaeda's former Syria branch, previously called the Nusra Front.

Trump sends Greenblatt to Israel to defuse Temple Mount crisis Condemning Halamish terror attack, White House official says US 'committed to finding a resolution to the ongoing security issues'.

It's Not About Metal Detectors, Dummy The present Palestinian riots over the placing of metal detectors at the eight gates leading to the Temple Mount following last week's killing of two Israeli policemen by three Arab Israelis is not about status quo, nor is it about the restriction of Muslim worshipers.

Erdogan Arrests EU Nationals, Warns 'No-one Has the Right to Interfere' in Turkish Affairs ISTANBUL (AFP) - Germany has no right to interfere in Turkey's domestic affairs, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday, his latest broadside in a blistering row sparked by the waves of arrests under the current state of emergency.

British, Turkish warships arrive in Ukraine for NATO Black Sea drills (PHOTOS) A British missile destroyer and a Turkish frigate have docked at the port of Odessa in Ukraine for a joint NATO maritime exercise, which comes just a week after the bloc's massive Sea Breeze war games took place off the same shore.