Saturday, March 31, 2012


Organizers: Global March to J'lem reached goals Organizers of Friday's Global March to Jerusalem said Saturday that the protest rally commemorating Land Day had achieved most of its goals.

'Abbas perpetrating political terror against Israel' Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon on Saturday accused Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of carrying out "political terrorism" against Israel.

'2-million-strong march to Jerusalem' fizzles; anti-Zionist rabbis beaten at Jordan protest Clashes in Gaza leave one protester dead and 37 injured, according to Palestinian sources.

Clinton: Iran talks due in Istanbul on April 13-14 Iran and six world powers will meet in Turkey on April 13-14 for a round of talks over Tehran's disputed nuclear program.

Denmark: Groups rally against Muslims in Europe A long-planned gathering of far right-wing movements from across Europe met in Denmark on Saturday to try to form a pan-European anti-Islamist alliance.

Inside Man: Behind Tehran's 'electronic curtain' Iranians face increasingly aggressive crackdowns on internet use as the Islamic Republic ramps up its attempts to control information and quash dissidents.

Dead stars 'to guide spacecraft' Spacecraft could one day navigate through the cosmos using a particular type of dead star as a kind of GPS.

Iran Supplying Weapons to Gaza, but Not to Hamas The affair between the Hamas terror group and Iran may be over, but the Islamic Republic is still supplying weapons to Gaza.

Tibi: Arabs have right to Israel's land Thousands of Arab Israelis took part in a Land Day marches across the country on Friday.

Polish minister: EU and Nato might fall apart Polish foreign minister Radek Sikorski has said the EU could unravel and the US might quit Nato, leaving Poland alone to face an increasingly assertive Russia.