Monday, May 06, 2019


Yair Netanyahu: Gaza Proves 'Land for Peace' Really Means 'Land for War' Imagine the southern half of the United States being bombarded by missiles for days at a time.

Hezbollah Leader: "We can invade the Galilee and Israel knows it" In a speech that aired on MTV (Lebanon) on May 2, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that Hezbollah has the capability to invade the Galilee and that Israel acknowledges this fact.

Abbas and PLO side with Hamas in desperate attempt to be relevant Starting on May 4th through the early hours of May 6th, the Palestinian terrorists from Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired close to 700 rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel, targeting civilian population centers.

PM pushes back on Gaza ceasefire criticism, says 'rules of game' have changed Netanyahu boasts that Israel has resumed assassinations, killed 'dozens' of Hamas, Islamic Jihad terrorists during bout of fighting.

A Deadly Weekend Which Wasn't Even a War - Analysis Hundreds of rockets, explosive-laden drones vs. Targeted assassinations, militant homes hit: This time was different, and the next round will be even deadlier.

Netanyahu slammed for continuing to duck a decisive campaign against Gaza terrorists "After 700 rockets, 4 fatalities and 250 injured, Israel has again capitulated to Palestinian terrorist blackmail," said opposition Blue-White leader Benny Gantz on Monday, May 6, after the Palestinians announced that a ceasefire went into effect at 4.30 a.m. with Israel's consent.

Israel reaches ceasefire in Gaza after two days of violence The report comes after over 700 Hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets entered Israeli territory.

Defying Macron, Austria's Kurz says ax European Parliament's Strasbourg site Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has called for the European Parliament to stop traveling to Strasbourg for a week each month, as part of a wider proposal to overhaul the treaty underpinning the European Union.

Syrian constitutional committee agreement 'close' - Russia Two-day talks on Syria backed by Iran, Russia and Turkey concluded in Kazakhstan without notable progress on forming a constitutional committee to drive a political settlement in the war-wracked country.

Israeli population to soar to 15.2 million by 100th anniversary Today, 9.021 million citizens call Israel their home compared to 806,000 in May 1948.