Friday, July 09, 2021


 EXCLUSIVE: Delegation of Rabbis Inspected Candidates For Red Heifer in Texas Two rabbis are sent as a delegation to inspect calves on a Texas farm as possible candidates for performing the commandment of the red heifer, necessary for jump-starting the Temple service.

Israeli PM Bennett holds secret meeting with Jordan's Abdullah The agreement reached between Lapid and Safadi builds on Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's decision to sell up to 50 cubic meters of water to Jordan during the current water year, Lapid said.

Amid signs of fragility, Biden and Bennett move to shore up Jordan’s Abdullah Water shortage, tensions in royal family, economic woes push nervous US and Israel to show of support for king, fearing fall of key ally could have disastrous effects on region.

It's official: Jordan is now allies with Iran - opinion The king of Jordan believes that opening the door to the Shi’ites will save his country from these crises. But as we have said, this will be a double-edged sword.

Iran and Russia Poised to Fill America's Void in Afghanistan With the US withdrawal from Afghanistan more than 90% complete and on track for the Sept. 11 deadline, both Russia and Iran are positioning themselves as regional power brokers, looking to fill the void left in the wake of America’s departure.

IRGC forces 'fought alongside Taliban' in Western Afghanistan, militant commander claims A Taliban commander in western Afghanistan has claimed that troops affiliated with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps have fought alongside the insurgents, according to an Iranwire report.

On Wars and Changing Threats Israeli society must recognize the intensity of the new threats that surround it and critically assess the conventional wisdom that the era of big threats has passed and Israel need no longer be a “mobilized nation.”

Interview: How Pope Francis is transforming Catholic-Muslim relations Pope Francis, now the first pope to set foot in Iraq, hopes to bring consolation, healing and peace to a people devastated by war.

COVID-19: Eleven people dying from hunger a minute as pandemic fuels starvation crisis, warns Oxfam The economic fallout of the public health emergency, conflict and climate change has deepened the plight in existing hotspots and established "new epicentres of hunger", a report finds.

Largest Ritual Bath From Temple Period Has Just Been Uncovered Under Temple Mt The Western Wall Heritage Foundation and the Israel Antiquities Authority are now allowing the public to view impressive new sections of one of the most magnificent public buildings uncovered from the Second Temple period.