Friday, October 02, 2020


 ANALYSIS: The real new Middle East reality The Middle East has undergone a massive realignment, dividing the region up into two camps - one allied with the West, the other led by Iran.

‘Jerusalem is our city,’ Turkey’s Erdogan declares Addressing lawmakers in Ankara, Turkish president says the Palestinian people have lived in the capital ‘for thousands of years’.

Erdogan's Plan to Take Over the Palestinian Authority What we are witnessing is an Arab autocrat (Abbas) seeking the help of a Muslim autocrat (Erdogan) in holding "free and fair" elections.

In the Middle East, does the road to Washington lead through Jerusalem? Sudan wants financial aid and removal from the state terrorism sponsor list and hopes ties with Israel can beget better US treatment.

Call To Prayer: Trump and Melania Diagnosed with Covid-19 President Trump tweeted early Friday that he and the Melania, the First Lady tested positive for COVID-19.

‘Islam is in crisis all over the world,’ Macron says, vowing to step up fight against religious radicalism in France French President Emmanuel Macron said that Islam is struggling with fundamentalism worldwide, not just in his country.

Syria says it remains opposed to 'all agreements with Israeli enemy' Syria affirmed Thursday that it remains staunchly opposed to any normalization agreements with Israel, hours after Lebanon announced it reached an agreement with Jerusalem to enter United Nations-mediated talks regarding dispute over land and maritime borders.

Is Trump contracting COVID-19 the ‘October surprise’ of this election? “October surprise” is the term in U.S. political circles for a late swerve that could change an election, a reference to the original conspiracy theory, the unproven allegation the Reagan campaign arranged with the Iranian government to delay the release of American hostages.

AP Explains: What lies behind Turkish support for Azerbaijan Turkey has firmly put its weight behind oil-rich Azerbaijan since a decades-old territorial dispute with Armenia flared anew.

Going Rogue In Asia: Turkey Is Dragging NATO Into Another Conflict Ankara’s declaration especially creates the danger of a showdown between Turkey and Russia, since Moscow regards Armenia as a client, if not an outright protectorate.