Friday, January 22, 2016


Kerry: Iran and the world were on a collision course to war  Secretary of state defends July 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran, which he says 'makes the world safer'. 

IDF official: Hamas ready for fresh hostilities with Israel  Army source says Islamist terror group has revived its cross-border tunnels, rocket firing systems and intelligence gathering efforts. 

Libya's Chaos: Threat to the West  In 2011 when Libya's former ruler, Muammar Gaddafi, was murdered by the mob of militiamen, many people believed it was the beginning of a new, free, democratic country. 

Chinese President calls for creation of Palestinian state  China's President says his country supports the creation of a Palestinian state with eastern Jerusalem as its capital. 

Turkish border on brink of becoming a Russian warfront?  Russian troops deploy to Syrian border town, with Turkey 'closely watching' and reinforcing amid fears of all out war. 

Did the US pay Iran $1.7 billion in ransom?  Republicans demand an inquiry as Iran reveals US taxpayer fund transfer was 'in return' for prisoner release, and came on the same day. 

Germany admits it lost track of over 1 million 'refugees'  Interior Ministry admits 600,000 migrants have gone missing in or outside Germany, as police investigate mass New Year sex assault campaign. 

How Third World Countries Are Utilizing Israeli Ingenuity To Produce Water From Thin Air  A lack of water on the battlefield is not something that soldiers can afford to worry about in the heat of combat. 

Russia shows off submarine destroyer near Syrian coast (VIDEO)  The Russian Navy gave journalists an onboard tour of the Udaloy-class anti-submarine destroyer that has been deployed to the Syrian port of Latakia to assist other Russian warships in their Mediterranean mission. 

Anti-Semitic Incidents on U.S. College Campuses Spike  Anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses spiked in 2015, with 302 incidents against Jewish students recorded at 109 schools in 28 states, according to a new report warning that the rise of anti-Israel organizations is fueling hatred and making many campuses unsafe for Jews.