Tuesday, September 07, 2021


 Rosh Hashannah (New Year) Guide for the Perplexed, 2021 Did you know that the New Jewish Year is the only Jewish holiday celebrated upon the appearance of a new moon? This and much more. Op-ed.

IDF chief says Israel accelerating Iran strike plans, acting throughout Mideast Aviv Kohavi also defends top brass amid anger over border cop’s death: ‘If we don’t back them up we’ll end up without commanders’

Maps of “Palestine” in PA summer camps teach children about a world without Israel The Palestinian Authority unremittingly teaches Palestinians - and in particular youth - that all of Israel is “Palestine” and that Israel has no right to exist in any borders.

Afghan Fallout: Biden Ruins America's Most Important Relationship — India President Biden's chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan has ruined, perhaps for decades, America's most important bilateral relationship of this era.

Israel has Five Reasons Why it Will Not Lose a War Don't try to fight Israel, you'll regret it.

Turkey realigning ties with Egypt and Gulf rivals Analysts say fresh round of talks between Turkey and Egypt comes amid changing dynamics in the Middle East.

Poland imposes state of emergency on Belarus border The Polish parliament has backed a state of emergency on the Belarus border amid a surge in migration and upcoming Russian-led military exercises.

Opinion: Germany must call off Angela Merkel's Chinese love affair For years Berlin has mollycoddled China in the hope that billions of euros in investments would prompt it to shun its authoritarian ways. Beijing's belligerence shows the tactic has backfired, says DW's Ashutosh Pandey.

Analysis: Israel still the ‘strong horse’ Israel’s rising stature as a military power in the region is clearly a by-product of the new U.S. policy decision to reduce its own military presence in the Mideast, creating a power vacuum that only Israel is capable of filling.

The dual call of the Shofar Why do we need two sets of shofar blasts?