Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Jerusalem court upholds Jewish prayer on Temple Mount Security services prohibit non-Muslims from praying or engaging in other forms of worship on the site, claiming such activity triggers Palestinian violence.

Iran's Khemenei: 'Increasing global hatred of Israel is a sign of divine help' Islamic Republic's chief cleric calls for AIPAC shutdown after Netanyahu speech; blames Israel for problems suffered by the West.

Obama seeks Iran nuclear freeze as Netanyahu speech nears Iran should agree to freeze sensitive nuclear activity for at least a decade if it wants to strike a deal with the US, President Barack Obama has said.

ISIS leaders pull back from Tikrit amid massive Iraqi assault on stronghold -reports The Islamic State is reportedly pulling back from Tikrit as Iraqi troops, backed by a Shiite and Sunni alliance and led by a top Iranian general, allegedly managed to retake parts of the strategic city in a major counter-offensive against the militants.

'Gaza Man' app trains youth to fight 'Israeli aggression' with rifles & RPGs A spokesperson said the game is meant to "concretize" the idea of defending the land as a natural right and not as terrorism and to leave in the minds of the players the idea of the Palestinian hero.

Analysis: Netanyahu's speech to Congress is Purim on the Potomac Netanyahu views that his destiny is to protect the Jewish state, and -- by extension -- the future of the Jews. In his mind, this is why he was fated to come to power. Nothing less.

Even Saudis Want Netanyahu to Address Congress As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepared on Tuesday to address the US Congress regarding the Iran threat, in direct defiance of the Obama White House, at least one nation outside of Israel was supportive of the move: Saudi Arabia.

The King of Israel Goes to Washington on Purim With Purim just days away, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu preparing to address the US Congress tomorrow, we present this analogy of Israel's past and present dealing with the Persian threat and associated world leaders.

Chief of Vatican Police: ISIS threats against Pope Francis are real In a rare interview, the head of the Vatican police force, or 'Gendarmerie,' Commander Domenico Giani, said this weekend that the Islamic State (ISIS) threats against Pope Francis are 'real' and not just media propaganda. "This is what emerges from the talks I have had with Italian and foreign colleagues," he said.

Jihadi John: A profile of the world's most wanted Islamist Revelations about 'Jihadi John,' who was last week identified as Mohamed Emwazi, continue to surface, offering new insight into how the West Londoner became the infamous Islamic State executioner.