Friday, April 07, 2017


US strikes Syrian military airfield The US military launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian military airfield late on Thursday, April 6, in the first direct American assault on the government of President Bashar al-Assad since that country's civil war began six years ago.

US Tomahawk missiles destroy Syrian airbase. Russia fails to respond - for now A major escalation in the Syrian war was noted as two U.S. warships fired 59 cruise missiles from the eastern Mediterranean Sea at the Syrian airbase controlled by forces of President Bashar al-Assad.

'Muslims - Clear the Temple Mount' A video that will be published in the coming days by the Temple Mount Movement, which is working for the rights of Jews on the Temple Mount and aspires to build the third Jewish Temple, is asking Muslims to evacuate the compound this coming Monday to allow the performance of the Passover sacrifice.

Syria war: UN emergency talks after US missile strikes The UN Security Council has heard sharp exchanges over the US bombardment of a Syrian air base suspected of using chemical weapons.

Report: Syria Threatens to Fire SCUD Missiles at Israel The regime of embattled Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has reportedly threatened to fire SCUD missiles at Israel if it carries out any more strikes on Syrian soil.

WATCH: Elite Commandos form Israeli Special Ops until team up with US Navy Seals Last week's exercise was aimed at building cooperation between the special forces of the tow allies.

JPOST EXCLUSIVE: Moscow surprisingly says West Jerusalem is Israel's Capital No other country in the world recognizes any part of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Dutch coloring book with Hitler's picture pulled from shelves A Dutch drugstore chain was forced to apologize after shocked parents discovered an illustration of Adolf Hitler in a coloring book they had purchased for their kids.

The Terrorism Industry What is obvious is that the West concerns itself with its live citizens; we concern ourselves in glorifying our industry of death.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 'Core' Regional issue, Abdullah tells Trump On Monday, alongside Sisi, Trump referred to the conflict as the "problem of the century".

Trump to host China's President Xi Jinping in Mar-a-Lago summit US President Donald Trump is set to hold his first meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, in a high-stakes summit for both leaders.

US, Russia debate limit of US strike against Assad The Trump administration is clearly on the brink of military action against the Assad regime judging by the thunderous rhetoric of its highest officials Wednesday night, April 5.

Anti-Israel NGO Publishes Passover Guide Praising Allah as the 'Universal God' An Israeli NGO published a guidebook for Passover, changing the ancient text into a Palestinian manifesto.

IDF Fetes Soldiers With Passover Seders The week-long holiday of Passover, this year starting on the eve of April 10, commemorates the Israelites' miraculous exodus from 210 years of enslavement in ancient Egypt.