Saturday, June 19, 2021


 Arabs Observe Muslim Sabbath By Rioting On Temple Mount Arabs began to riot, attacking Israeli police and IDF Border Patrol Troops with rocks on Friday morning.

PA: Israel’s new government ‘not a government of change,’ Hamas vows to continue ‘armed resistance’ The Palestinian Authority and Hamas have reacted predictably to a new Israeli leadership.

New Israel government vows change, but not for Palestinians Israel’s fragile new government has shown little interest in addressing the decades-old conflict with the Palestinians, but it may not have a choice.

Palestinian Official Says Naftali Bennett 'More Radical' Than Benjamin Netanyahu A Palestinian official said that new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett might be "more radical" than former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Associated Press reported."

Poll: Palestinian support for Hamas spikes following Israel-Gaza conflict Majority of Palestinians believe Gaza-based terrorist group came out winner in latest battle with Israel.

‘We must address security challenges posed by China,’ NATO chief Stoltenberg says ahead of military bloc’s summit in Brussels NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the military bloc needed to “strengthen” its strategy on countering the rise of China. Beijing doesn’t share the values of the NATO members, he added.

Religious Party Vow 'War' Against New Government For Trying To Alter Israel's Religious Status Quo United Torah Judaism lawmakers were enraged to learn on Wednesday that Israel’s new government plans to set up a special committee to review the longstanding religious-secular status quo in Israel.

PA cult of Martyrdom worship still going strong When one Fatah Central Committee member posts a picture of himself kissing the blood-stained shirt of a “heroic Martyr,” and another praises Palestinian women for being special because they see “their children as insignificant compared to the homeland” and make “sounds of joy for the Martyrs,” and when a PA official talks about a young man’s death as his “crowning his struggle with Martyrdom-death,” then it is clear that the Palestinian Authority’s cult of Martyrdom worship is still flourishing.

Relations with Russia at ‘lowest point’ in many years, says NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg Comments come as US President Joe Biden flies in to Brussels for ‘pivotal’ Alliance summit.

What is the Red Sea Dead Sea Canal that Jordan renounced? - explainer Building a sea-to-sea canal would provide drinking and irrigation water to the desert region, replenish the shrinking Dead Sea and produce renewable energy.