Friday, September 30, 2016


US protecting Syria jihadist group - Russia's Lavrov The US is trying to spare a jihadist group in its attempts to unseat Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, Russia's foreign minister has told the BBC.

Shimon Peres funeral: Leaders hail legacy of former Israeli leader World leaders have hailed the vision of the late Israeli leader, Shimon Peres, as he was laid to rest days after his death at the age of 93.

US, Russia on brink of military showdown in Syria There is a sense in Washington and Moscow alike that a military showdown between the US and Russia is inevitable - direct this time, not through proxies, like the downing of a Russian warplane by Turkish jets last year.

Ex-Iranian intelligence chief reveals talks with Saudis over Syria TEHRAN - The former Iranian former intelligence minister has revealed that Iran once took the initiative to hold talks with Saudi Arabia over Syria before the situation began to deteriorate in the country but the monarchy did not seize it and vowed to fight Iran's "Islamic revolution".

Pope Issues Not So Veiled Threat to Russia and Putin Pope Issues Not So Veiled Threat to Russia and Putin - Pope Francis looks on during a welcome ceremony at the Presidential palace in Tbilisi, Georgia, September 30, 2016.

Rosetta mission ends in comet collision Europe's Rosetta probe has ended its mission to Comet 67P by crash-landing on to the icy object's surface.

Netanyahu holds marathon of meetings with world leaders Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is holding a marathon of meetings with world leaders who are arriving in Israel to participate in the funeral of former President Shimon Peres.

Hamas calls for 'Day of Rage' during Peres funeral The Hamas terror group urged Palestinians to hold a 'Day of Rage' on Friday, coinciding with the state funeral of former Israeli president Shimon Peres, which will be held in Jerusalem on that day.

IN PHOTOS: Shimon Peres laid to rest Leaders from the past and present, from Israel and abroad, came to accompany Israel's ninth president to his final resting place, as close friend author Amos Oz and his three children also eulogized him.

Former NATO Chief: The United States Should Be the World's 'Policeman' Anders Fogh Rasmussen was prime minister of Denmark from 2001 to 2009, and months later began serving as NATO secretary general until 2014. He is currently promoting his new book, The Will to Lead: America's Indispensable Role in the Global Fight for Freedom.