Thursday, December 20, 2018


Israel on High Alert as Trump Pulls US Troops, Diplomats Out of Syria  Israel's defense establishment reacted with surprise and a degree of concern on Thursday to US President Donald Trump's announcement that ISIS had been defeated, and that American forces would therefore be leaving Syria.

Israel to Increase Its Efforts Against Iran in Syria, Netanyahu Said "We will continue to act in Syria to prevent Iran's effort to militarily entrench itself against us. We are not reducing our efforts, we will increase our efforts," Netanyahu said.

After the caliphate: Has IS been defeated? The US is to begin withdrawing its troops from Syria, where they are supporting fighters from the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance as they close in on the last pocket of eastern Syria controlled by the jihadist group Islamic State.

'Triumph for Erdogan' as US announces Syria pull-out Trump's claim that ISIL has been defeated contradicted his own experts' assessments and shocked his Middle East allies.

The IDF must cut short tunnel operation, get set for repercussions from Trump's stunning Syria withdrawal Israel's leaders - government, military and intelligence - were dumbfounded by US President Donald Trump's decision to pull US troops out of Syria as part of its withdrawal from the Mid-East at large.

Does a New Dig at Site of Ark Prove Biblical Account of Judean Kingdom is Overblown? A recent dig at the Biblical site of Kiryat Yearim is a piece in the puzzle that may settle a raging feud among archaeologists: was King David a larger-than-life monarch who unified the Northern and Southern Kingdom or was he a local chieftain whose role the Bible exaggerated.

While China and the US spar over trade, Europe quietly heads for its worst year since the financial crisis 2018 has been, by pretty much every quantifiable measure, a nightmare for investors, but while most attention has been focused on the US and China, Europe has suffered worse.

Killing 3 innocent Israelis "is a great thing," says Fatah official Last week, a terrorist shot and murdered 2 Israelis and seriously wounded 2 others in a shooting attack next to Givat Assaf, near Ramallah.

Who Murdered Baby Amiad Yisrael? He was named after he passed away on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. He was only thirty weeks in the womb when his mother and father were gunned down in a drive-by shooting by Palestinian terrorists.

Watch: The failed 'two-state solution' 'For stability and peace to succeed, it is time we open our minds.'