Monday, June 05, 2017


Qatar under Arab boycott for scheming with Iran Qatar has come under a far-reaching boycott at the hands of the most powerful Arab governments for taking Iran's side against its Sunni Arab fellows.

Iranian Uranian Enrichment Streamlines Path to Nukes According to nuclear verification experts Iran's streamlining of uranium enrichment could greatly expand their ability to reach nuclear weapons status.

After Middle East, Will Islamists Uproot Christians in Europe? About terrorism and Islamist violence, Christian leaders offer only words of relativism and moral equivalence. Is it possible that after two recent big massacres of Christians.

Defeating Extremist Islam - A Western Imperative The infiltration of this ideology is reminiscent of the spread of communism and should be defeated similarly -- not with weapons, but by exposing its true nature and providing an alternative.

Poll: Major Majority of Israelis Want Sovereignty in Jerusalem, Not 'Peace Deal' While it is often reported that most Israelis favor a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an entirely different picture emerges once Jerusalem is added to the equation, a new survey has found.

Atop holy mount, Samaritans mark biblical festival of Shavuot Tiny community makes pilgrimage to West Bank's Mount Gerizim for seven day celebration of anniversary of receiving the Torah.

Arab powers sever Qatar ties, widening rift among US allies After powerful Arab states accuse Qatar of backing Iran agenda and of ties to Muslim Brotherhood, they place the emirate in isolation.

This Island Nation, Led by an Evangelical Christian, Just Recognized Jerusalem as Israel's Capital The Pacific island nation of Vanuatu became the latest country to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Israel Hayom reported Thursday.

Google celebrates Ramadan by promoting oppressive dress code for women Google promotes the Sharia's dress code for women in its latest doodle celebrating the Islamic "holy month," Ramadan.

EU-China united on climate, divided on trade EU and Chinese leaders emphasised on Friday (2 June) the need for closer relations in an unstable world, whilst concealing disagreements behind their unity on fighting climate change in the face of the US retreat from the Paris agreement.