Friday, July 26, 2013


* Clashes ensue between Morsi supporters, opponents in Egypt Thousand of pro-army, pro-Morsi activists clash in Alexandria, 15 hurt; seven injured in Nile delta city clashes; demonstrators hurl rocks in Cairo neighborhood amid military threats to "turn its guns" on violence.

* Iraq's Maliki says Iran wants to have nuke talks with US Iraqi PM brings message to US that Rouhani wants talks.

* Egyptian army questions Mohamed Morsi over alleged Hamas terror links News of overthrown president's alleged help in 2011 attacks comes as showdown looms between Muslim Brotherhood and opponents

* Thousands meet Pope Francis at Copacabana beach event Pope Francis has visited Copacabana beach, in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, to hold the greeting ceremony for World Youth Day.

* Egyptian Army Gives Brotherhood a 48 Hour Ultimatum The Egyptian army gives the Muslim Brotherhood until Saturday to sign up for political reconciliation.

Hezbollah military wing officially added to EU terror blacklist EU's Official Journal now includes Hezbollah in list of 11 persons, 25 groups after pressure from Britain, Netherlands.

* 1,000 paratroopers simulate operation behind enemy lines “Through parachuting, we can cross borders and gain a huge advantage," senior army spokesman says.

* UN: Egyptian authorities increasing 'anti-Syrian' hostility Egyptian forces arbitrarily arrest, detain Syrian refugees, according to UN; Upward of 300,000 Syrians in Egypt, gov't estimates.

* Obama hosts Ramadan dinner at White House President says Americans and people in the Middle East share goals of economic opportunity and entrepreneurship

* Hevron: Israelis "Fight Back" Against Anarchist, Arab Extremists Israelis form plan to fight anarchists who hold weekly violent protests on Israeli land. ‘It’s become an existential threat.’