Monday, May 24, 2021


 Top ultra-Orthodox MK to Netanyahu: Keep the Temple Mount closed to Jews Holiest site in Judaism has been closed to Jewish visitors since May 10, when riots by Palestinian worshipers at compound led Hamas to set off 11-day conflict.

Yehuda Glick: Temple Mount should be open for everyone Former Likud MK, Temple Mount activist says the Temple Mount is the 'center of the world,' and 'should be open to Jewish prayer.'

Temple Mount reopened to Jewish worshippers Religious site was closed to non-Muslim visitors since May 4 during Ramadan.

Biden Sends Blinken To Middle East To Help Kick-Start Israel, Palestine Peace Talks The White House on Monday announced Secretary of State Antony Blinken will travel to the Middle East this week in hopes of kick-starting peace talks after Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease-fire on Friday.

Israeli official: We will preemptively strike Hamas rockets Cabinet minister close to Prime Minister Netanyahu says Israel will no longer wait for Gaza terrorists to fire first.

By pushing for regime change in Russia, the EU Parliament has revealed how irrelevant & unreliable it is for the future of Europe An explosive new report published by top EU foreign policymakers, which called for all-out efforts to change Russia's government, is the clearest indication yet that both the bloc and European political order are in dire straits.

What would the EU and UN have done if Hamas had won the PA elections? From May 10 through May 20, Hamas, the internationally designated terror organization that controls the Gaza Strip, fired over 4,300 missiles against Israel, targeting its civilian population.

Iran's Quds Force chief tells Islamic Jihad it defeated 'Zionist pride' The comments made by Esmail Ghaani, the head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force, praised death and martyrdom and said fighters welcome death with 'longing and passion.'

The Palestinian Voices Blinken Won't Hear The renewed talk about a "two-state solution" comes amid a significant increase in the popularity of Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group whose charter openly calls for replacing Israel with an Islamic state.

POLL: Most DEMS Stand With Hamas, Blame Israel, 67% of Republicans Stand Strong With Israel A new poll performed by the Convention of States Action, in partnership with The Trafalgar Group—one of America’s most accurate pollsters, revealed that 27.1% of Democrats blame Hamas, Palestinian Authority, and Iran for the current violence, while 38.5% blame Israel.