Monday, October 21, 2019


Russian forces take over America's N. Syria bases, E. Syrian airspace, and concern for Kurds President Vladimir Putin hosts his Turkish guest Recep Erdogan at Sochi on Tuesday, Oct. 22 as master of northern Syria after his special forces began moving into evacuated US positions including the big Tabqa air base.

Erdogan is using refugees as blackmail to avoid accusations of invading Syria - the EU-Turkey deal must end now Erdogan was quick to warn the EU that Turkey 'will open the gates and send 3.6 million refugees your way' if its military operation is called an invasion.

Turkey hits back at China's call to stop military action in Syria Turkish ambassador Emin Onen urges Beijing to stand with Ankara to fight terrorism.

Just going next door: More than 100 armored vehicles cross into Iraq as US troops withdraw from northern Syria US forces leaving northern Syria have reportedly crossed into Iraq, where they will continue their seemingly endless military presence in the region.

Syrian Kurdish military official calls on Israel to take action against Turkey Invoking past persecution of Jews, member of Syrian Democratic Forces expresses confidence the Jewish people will not neglect Syrian Kurds' plight.

IDF, Shin Bet, police to work together to find settlers who attacked troops Army chief denounces recent assaults as 'unconscionable,' calls for all those involved to be brought to justice.

Report: EU to delay Brexit until 2020 Diplomatic sources say EU will delay Brexit until February 2020 if PM Boris Johnson is unable to get his deal past parliament this week.

Why Would Russia, China-and Iran-Plan Joint Naval Exercises? Trump's chaotic policies are leading to strategic recalculations in and around the oil-rich Persian Gulf.

E.U. Seeks Globalist Role: Calls for Immediate Afghanistan Ceasefire European Union officials called Sunday for a ceasefire in Afghanistan, saying the breakdown in talks between the US and the Taliban presented an opportunity to push anew for a truce.

Merkel Refuses to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital Despite Pressure from her Own Party One would think that a political party with the word 'Christian' in the title would at the very least recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.