Thursday, January 21, 2016


Pentagon to increase number of US troops in Iraq; Carter discusses 'accelerating' ISIS campaign  The US plans to increase the number of troops in Iraq as it seeks to 'accelerate' its campaign to 'crush' Islamic State in the region, the Pentagon chief said. 

West ignoring grave threat from IS in Libya, Israeli terror experts warn  Libya is the only place outside Iraq and Syria where the jihadi group controls territory, but US and Europe have no strategy there, researchers say. 

Analysis: Speculation over Israel's diplomatic liaisons with Gulf States  Significance of Israeli minister's visit to UAE debated. 

Residents concerned as IDF deploys artillery batteries near Gaza  IDF spokesperson says that deployment is part of scheduled repositioning, does not allude to intensification of conflict. 

The 'Obama is a Muslim' conspiracy theory is still reverberating in the Middle East  When Barack Obama stepped onto the national political stage almost a decade ago, rumors swirled that he was secretly a Muslim. 

Case made for 'ninth planet'  American astronomers say they have strong evidence that there is a ninth planet in our Solar System orbiting far beyond even the dwarf world Pluto. 

Lawmaker: Obama Admin Fueling Campaign to Destroy Israel Ambassador's comments spark new fight with Israel. 

Islamic State Imposes Radical Jihadist Curriculum on All School Children  Leaders of the Islamic State are attempting to ensure the intergenerational continuity of their ideological hatred of 'infidels' by indoctrinating all children within the areas of their control according to a new curriculum of radical jihad, which has replaced the traditional program used in schools. 

WATCH: ISIS sets sights on overthrowing governments of Morocco and Tunisia  Amid civil unrest in Tunisia and Morocco, ISIS calls on Muslims to attack both states and oust their 'apostate' democratic governments. 

Watch: Kerry admits Iran sanctions windfall will go to terror  After Tehran gets $150 billion, Kerry acknowledges it will go to entities 'labeled terrorists,' says it 'can't be prevented.'