Thursday, April 11, 2019


Were Elections a Referendum on Trump's Peace Plan? Then What Did We Learn? It's expected that the peace plan will be rolled out once Israel's new government has been formally sworn in, but a date has yet to be set.

Brexit: UK and EU agree delay to 31 October European Union leaders have granted the UK a six-month extension to Brexit, after late-night talks in Brussels.

EU may offer a Brexit extension, but political complexities remain With the United Kingdom's initial extension for Brexit expiring Friday, the pressure is on for a gathering of European Union officials to come up with an alternative.

Sudan Crisis Impacts Whole Middle East Mass protests in Algeria and Sudan forced the 82 and 75 year old men from power. They had both been in power since the 1990s.

Pete Hegseth: The real story of Jerusalem and why it matters If you think you know the story of Jerusalem, think again. There are the stories in the newspapers, there are the stories politicians will tell you, and then there's the real story.

An Arab NATO in the Making "It would serve as a bulwark against Iranian aggression, terrorism, extremism and will bring stability," said a spokesperson for the White House's National Security Council.

Ukrainian Prosecutor Reopens Corruption Case Involving Biden The chief prosecutor in Ukraine recently revealed that he's reopening a corruption probe into Ukraine's largest private gas company that could have profound implications for the presidential aspirations of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Report: Putin Trying to 'Reintegrate' Returning Islamic State Jihadis into Society Russia, considered one of the countries with the highest number of foreign fighters joining the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and other terrorist groups abroad, is trying to "reintegrate" those jihadis "into society, by way of shorter stints in jail and close monitoring," the Washington Post reported this week.

Hidden Holy Men Reveal Final Key to Open Redemption This Passover Rabbi Yosef Berger cites a 1,000-year-old collection of teachings from Elijah the Prophet as well as proclamations from hidden righteous men in Jerusalem to reveal how the redemption was brought in Egypt and how that can be replayed next week during the Passover holiday.