Saturday, September 30, 2017


Israel observes Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year  Israel Police, Border Police and IDF forces are deployed throughout the country to prevent recent volatilities from impeding on the religious observance of the country's citizens. 

Palestinian 'Reconciliation': Jihad is Calling!  The Palestinian terror group Hamas has once again made clear that its true intention is to pursue the fight against Israel until the "liberation of Palestine, from the (Jordan) river to the (Mediterranean) sea." 

Baghdad Threatens To Send Troops To Kirkuk After Kurdish Referendum  92% of Kurds voted in favor of independence. 

The Iranian Khoramshahr ballistic missile test did take place - although the US said "It didn't happen"  The new Khoramshahr ballistic missile with a range of 2,000km and multiple warheads, which was paraded in Tehran on Sept 22, was indeed test fired, as reported by Iran's Airspace chief, Gen. Amir Ajakozadeh. 

Reversal of fortune: How the IDF turned the Yom Kippur War around  Close to midnight, after another briefing to the cabinet and before another helicopter flight to the front, the unrelenting stress of running two wars simultaneously for six straight days caught up with IDF Chief of Staff David Elazar. 

This Yom Kippur, a synagogue reads the book of Jonah under a whale skeleton  Rabbi of Nantucket's congregation Shirat HaYam -- Hebrew for 'Song of the Sea' -- relishes 'making a biblical book tangible'. 

Israel Celebrates 50 Years of Resettling the Biblical Heartland  It was 50 years ago that Israel liberated Judea and Samaria from Jordanian occupation and began resettling the biblical heartland in accordance with both the Word of God and the original League of Nations decisions. 

Macron's EU vision doesn't fit Europe  It is admirable that French president Emmanuel Macron laid out his vision for the Europe of 2024 in his speech on Tuesday (26 September). 

Germany Election Results Ushering in Far-Right Party "Great Warning Sign" for Jews  Though Angela Merkel's conservative party retained its control over German parliament in Sunday's elections, the unprecedented success of the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD) has raised major fears and anxieties among Jewish groups and Germans alike. 

Don't mess with Israel: What happened after Rome destroyed Jerusalem  Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians in 587 BC on the date in the Jewish calendar 9th of Av, or Tisha B'Av.