Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hamas and Israel agree Gaza ceasefire at Cairo talks Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement which governs Gaza have agreed a ceasefire to end a week of violence in which nearly 160 people have died.

* In Israel-Hamas clash, Iran casts a shadow In the latest round of fighting between Israelis and the Palestinian militants of Hamas in Gaza, one key player looms like an ominous, lengthening shadow: Iran.

* Hamas Missiles Drown Out Talk of Ceasefire Hamas unleashed new rounds of rocket missile bombardments on southern Israel Wednesday morning as United Nations and American officials try to reach a ceasefire.

* While fighting rages between Israel and Hamas, Hezbollah watches and waits While the death toll from the Israel-Gaza conflict has mounted, Hezbollah has offered quiet words of encouragement to the Palestinians.

* Hamas 'blesses' terror attack on Tel Aviv bus Hamas praised the terrorist bombing of a bus in Tel Aviv Wednesday afternoon, but stopped short of claiming responsibility.

* Iran Confirms: 'We Are Proud to Defend Hamas' Militarily Iran has sent financial and military aid to Hamas in Gaza in an attempt to boost the efforts of the terrorist group.

* Greece: Lack of deal 'threatens euro' The failure of eurozone ministers to reach a deal to give Greece its latest bailout payment threatens the whole bloc.

* Israel 'outshouts' Hamas TV, radio Though Israel had put plans for a ground operation in Gaza on hold Tuesday, one invasion had taken place in Operation Pillar of Defense.

* 1,408 Missiles in 8 Days Fired by Gaza at Israel As the eight-day holiday of Hanukkah approaches, Israel marks the eighth day of Operation Pillar of Defense by counting the missiles fired.

* Soldiers Keep Up the Spirit, Sing: We Rely on G-d The Israeli soldiers training and preparing in southern Israel are keeping up full of motivation and faith despite the long wait before they may or may not receive the command to enter Gaza.

* From 'sewage pipes with wings' to sophisticated missiles On Sunday afternoon, in a moshav near Ashkelon, Eyal went out to the fields behind his father's house.